Guest blogging has been around in some form ever since the concept of blogging started. Blogs have become more popular in the last decade. Businesses and bloggers are starting to find the right balance; the balance between content that’s promotional and relevant to the audience’s interests with guest blogging platforms.

Some digital marketers believe that guest blogging is one of the more powerful marketing tactics available for promoting your business. Especially when you are just starting out and don’t have a large mailing list or social media presence. Guest blogging is particularly useful for building a brand and attracting organic visitors to your website.

In this blog post, we look at the benefits of guest blogs and how it can attract an audience to your website.

Build Relationships in Your Industry

As a new entrant in your industry, you may not have many contacts or strategic links. One of your goals should be to build a network in the market. If you start submitting guest posts to an industry blog with good audience size, you’ll be able to connect with other relevant industry leaders and thinkers.

Writing guest posts can be a great way to network and find relevant people for promoting your business. Entrepreneurs and business heads who appear on guest blog writing platforms can often identify opportunities to work together for mutual benefit.

Some blogging platforms may refuse to work with you because they already have a network of posters. Don’t let that discourage you. Focus on platforms that are happy to publish your blog posts. Your goal should be to get your business name out there. Most people start small and grow from there.

It’s also possible that despite having amazing ideas and industry insights, you are unable to get your post published on one of these platforms. Being caught up in running a business does not leave much time for you to craft exciting posts that draw readers in. In such cases, you can take help from a guest post writing service; they will take your ideas and create an impressive post accepted by guest blogging platforms.

Guest blog writing also helps improve your website’s ranking; this objective is achieved through backlinks in your post or author’s bio. The algorithms used by Google and other search engines consider these backlinks to your website when they are ranking it. Websites linked on the guest blogging platform get ranked higher in search results if said platform has high traffic and is considered credible. If you can post on several guest blogging sites and include links to your own website, your search engine ranking will start to go up without incurring any costs.

To raise your website’s rank on search engines further, you can also find bloggers relevant to your industry willing to include links to your website within their blog posts. Your search engine ranking will improve with more relevant backlinks leading to your website.

This tactic shouldn’t be too difficult to follow since most guest blog writing websites allow at least one website link in the author’s bio. Some allow you to include a link to your website in the article, which is a big plus.

You might not be allowed to put a backlink in your blog posts at first. The guest blog writing service later eases this restriction once you have submitted a few blog posts and built some credibility.

Build a Reputation for Expertise

Online marketing is all about building credibility as an expert authority in your domain. You could be publishing the best content in the world and still have difficulty converting your web traffic into loyal subscribers because they don’t trust your brand.

You will build an audience of readers and be seen as a credible, informative thought leader by regularly contributing to other authoritative blogging platforms. Once an audience trusts your expertise, they’ll be more receptive to what you offer on your website. To ensure your posts get accepted by these guest blogging platforms, work with a professional guest blog writer.

Guest blogging platforms can have very stringent requirements related to backlinks and writing quality. And some even requiring posts to match a readability score. An expert guest blog writer can help you meet such criteria and ensure your post gets published without any issues.

Grow Your Social Media Following

If you already have a few social media profiles set up, guest blogging can boost your business’s awareness, profile, and, in turn, sales. Most blogs have shareable links for individual blog posts for easy sharing on social media. This feature can help your blog posts reach more online users. it can even cause them to go viral and accelerate lead generation for your business.

Being published on a popular guest writing platform can be equated with a tacit endorsement from that platform. A published post has a link to your website in your author’s bio and/or blog post text; this comes across as the guest blog post platform encouraging its readers to visit that website. Readers trust the credibility of published authors, and regular contributions will boost your business’s reputation among the target audience.

Guest bloggers can also customize their author’s profile and add links to their social media profiles. Including this information can help you connect with relevant people in your industry, and you will be able to pitch products, services, and collaborative efforts to them directly in the future.

Linking your guest blog post to your professional social media account, turns your target audience into active social media followers easier. Remember to update your profile regularly and share useful information that aligns with your audience’s interests.

Focus on Relevant Websites With a Big Following

Initially, you will find publishing on bigger platforms difficult. Once you built some credibility, your goal should be to move to a larger platform. Guest blogging platforms with larger audiences have tougher selection criteria. However, their following is bigger as well, which will give you better exposure. You should notice a significant jump in your traffic after being published on these platforms.

Make sure that you select a guest blogging platform with an audience relevant to your business. Being present on the right platform will help you connect with people interested in what your business offers.

Get Feedback on Your Blog Posts

One of the benefits that guest blog writers have is receiving instant feedback from readers and other contributors on their posts. Most guest blogging platforms have a comments section under each blog post where readers can post their opinions.

Some of the feedback may be negative, but you will mostly get constructive criticism that can help in improving your blogs in the future. Make sure you encourage your readers to comment on and share your posts to get better visibility.

You can’t improve your writing without constructive feedback. Besides, readers are more receptive to blog contributors who engage with them. Always make sure to appreciate their feedback and be courteous in your responses.


Guest blogging can be a great way to build credibility as an expert and get exposure for your business. It can also help you attract traffic to your website through backlinks and network with other bloggers or businesses in your industry.

It’s a great place to start marketing, especially for new business entrepreneurs struggling with finances. Guest blogging is free. Many blogging platforms would be happy to publish your blog posts if you write good quality content and deliver value.

What’s more, you can also share your published blog posts on social media accounts to build your personal brand.

One thing to remember is that blogging is becoming quite competitive as more and more people are taking it up. You will need to put in a lot of effort researching, writing, and submitting blog posts to different platforms for publishing. Be prepared for rejection, and don’t give up if you struggle to get published at first