Link-building is crucial for scaling up your Google ranking. The search engine has a dedicated PageRank algorithm that can easily access your content and determine its quality in a matter of minutes. But link-building comes second to link quality. This guide will help you identify high-quality backlinks.

Determine Page Authority

The PageRank algorithm is sacred to Google. Information collected is not shared publicly, but they do provide an estimate about the authority of the page. Whenever a page reflects a higher authority, it results in a higher ranking of that particular page online.

PageRank determines the power held by the page. Links from higher authority pages pass a ranking score, which automatically grants a higher rank to the page. Hence, the link quality is also subsequently higher because of the impact on the ranking algorithm score. Thus, it is clear that higher quality links help you score higher on the billboard of Google rankings.

Further, every company or business out there knows the importance of ranking higher on Google. In a highly competitive marketplace, gaining an edge is more critical than ever.

Research Sitewide Authority

Another way to increase link quality is by determining the authority of the website apart from the web pages. For example, a link from a big-time site like Forbes will significantly impact and render higher quality rather than a link from a little known website with no online visibility.

As a link, you would not want to be lost in the noise. Usually, links to huge websites are not easily obtained; there is a lot of back and forth to receive even a fair share of the site’s popularity.

There are a number of parameters through which you are able to know the sitewide authority or the domain authority. Specific metrics give a clear picture of the ratings and, consequently, the figures.

Consider Relevancy of the Website

Regarding the site authority, you already know where it falls in the ranking statistics and figures of today. There is something more substantial and deserving than the site authority also, which is none other than the relevance of the website.

Apart from the higher authority, the higher the relevance of the site, the better will be the outcome in terms of generating high-quality links. Don’t get lost in procuring higher site authority over relevance. It is essential to know the topics that are relevant for determining whether the chosen website is appropriate.

The keyword-rich anchor text is indispensable to the link quality. Now you may wonder about what exactly is anchor text? Anchor text is the clickable words used in the link. No surprises here; Google does pay a lot of focus on the anchor text, which plays a tether in determining rankings on Google.

The anchor text lets the visitors and the search engine like Google to know what all is the page about. The addition of keywords in the link makes your life a lot simpler and leaves little to the imagination for Google as well. Another point to be noted is that the anchor text should not be repeatedly used, thus lowering its value in the online circuit.

The position of your link on the particular webpage of interest is very important. Make sure you strategically place your link so it does not get lost between lines.

The position should be in context and should emphasize the matter rather than anything else. Companies nowadays have many tricks up their sleeves wherein the link is either hidden in plain sight or clearly visible in the decorative text present on the page of the site. Usually, people like embedding the links in videos or deep within the text so that people end up clicking on it and get redirected rather than leaving the choice up to them.

Final Thoughts

A study from ahrefs states, “27.4% of the sites we studied—almost ⅓—have at least a 15% overlap between the sites to which they link out and the sites that link to them.”

As seen in the points mentioned above, it is all in the anatomy. Even high-quality links are run by visibly proven facts that help you know more about their occurrences, intersections, and value. Every high-quality link adds value to the site and domain and the content which is present.

Understanding link quality and the subsequent building of them is a crucial; it is an indicator of the performance of your content, marketing techniques, and tools employed for building value.