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    What is SBB?

    Hello, I’m AJ, founder of Small Business Bonfire. In just over four years, I built & exited a multi-million dollar lead generation agency. After working with hundreds of small business owners, I created SBB to provide no bullsh*t resources around lead generation and sales. Our site compiles a decade’s worth of knowledge to help small businesses scale faster.

    Three ways SBB is here for you.

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    Every Friday morning I share actionable tips to help you grow your leads, and increase sales. 

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      03 Deep Dive Digital Courses

      Courses tailored at your own pace, aimed at assisting you at each stage of your marketing & sales funnel.

      Free resources.

      Featured Resource

      Position Agreement

      Simplify the hiring process with this position agreement.

      Position Agreement
      Position Agreement - ConvertKit

      Featured Resource

      SOP Outline

      This is the most game-changing automation tech I’ve got.

      SOP Outline
      Position Agreement - ConvertKit


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      What you’ll learn

      The Foundational Hub offers a comprehensive journey through the basics of lead generation and sales.

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