Street Walking: Perfect Timing

If you’ve been following us over the past year since our launch, you know that we are big proponents of tying in promotions to current events. In fact, we even have a free marketing calendar and planner that our readers can download without an opt in.

I received the coupon below Monday morning from my favorite place to order gourmet chocolate covered pretzels, Fretzels by Jill. The promotion is tied to the Giants Super Bowl win (I bet they had a backup plan for the Patriots). They used the final winning score, 21, as the percentage off offer and the losing score, 17, as the minimum purchase amount. 

I like the timing of the email, first thing in the morning the day after the game, as it avoids the clutter that takes over most people’s inboxes later in the day. It also takes advantage of the euphoria from victory. In addition, the limited duration of the offer, two days, creates a sense of urgency that there may not be a better offer soon. This takes on greater significance given how close we are to Valentine’s Day.

Did you run a special promotion tied to the Super Bowl? Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

Image credit (calendar): biewoef

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  1. Jason, nice article. It definitely pays to be aware of what’s going on in the world outside your company’s walls so you can capitalize on events like the Super Bowl and holidays.

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