By Nirdesh Singh

It is cut-throat competition out there. You have to be better than the others not just to survive but thrive and succeed. You must understand that it is a cruel world that will not care for you and you must care for yourself. For this reason, it becomes essential to understand your competitors and their strategies. You must be creative and competitive so that you can improve your sales and be in the good books of the customers.

Here are some strategies that can be followed to establish a fruitful marketing strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

1. Know Your Competition, Thoroughly

You can stay ahead in competition only when you know what your competition is with. For this, you must gather all the details of what customers require what your competitors are offering, what changes you can bring, how fruitful these changes can be and other similar things. You must tap social media sites and other links that give you an idea of what is required. If you are able to provide something that is required by the customers in a better way than your competitors, you will win the battle. You have different applications, tools and websites to tap. All these resources when used properly can help you know about your competition.

2. Formulate Your Marketing Strategy Accordingly

Once you are aware of your competition and your competitors, you are in a better position to provide services and products. You will have to formulate an aggressive marketing strategy that lets you satisfy your existing customers and find new ones. Your strategy should be aimed at finding new customers and retaining the old ones. In addition, you must keep a track of the results of the strategies employed. When you keep a regular check on your strategies, you will be able to weed out the ones that are not providing the required results.

You can use social media pages, blogs, high quality articles and other content to attract your customers. The idea is to market your company in a way that it is difficult to avoid it.


3. Know About Customer Requirements

The demands and requirements of customers keep changing over time. You must have strategies and methods into being that tell you about these changing trends. In today’s competitive world, if you are not updated about customer requirements and keep providing them old and worn out stuff, you will be left behind. You have to keep abreast with their demands and then provide them the required products and services in a better way. Consumers are not short on choice these days and they can leave one product or service for another. It is only high quality service or a cheaper alternative that will help keep them loyal to your company. Therefore, it is important for you to keep in mind that with the ever-changing demands and requirements of customers, you too are updated and you are able to provide them all those products or services before anyone else does and that too in a better way.

4. Make Technology Serve You

Newer techniques of keeping a track of public demand and getting real time feedbacks are some strategies that can help you stay ahead in competition. You can take the help of specialized project management software to work for you. Making use of technology to your advantage will also make your work more functional. You will make lesser marketing overflow errors, not waste time in exhaustive meetings, endless interruptions and lose or forget work. When everything will be done in a properly planned manner, you will be able to achieve targets much faster.

Using new strategies and technologies will also save time and money while improving your work efficiency, product delivery time and take care of other aspects of business.

5. Create a Healthy Workplace

When you have a harmonious workplace, you can expect high quality and better work from your employees. Moreover, in a workplace where the owners and the management lead by example, you can expect better productivity. When the employees are happy and contended, they will take interest in their work and put in their best efforts.

You must trust your employees, establish a healthy rapport with them and sometimes take interest in their family life. This will make them feel like family and they will be able to relate to your business as their own. With satisfied employees, you can expect to stay ahead in competition as they will like to make your business grow. When your business grows and you reward your employees, they will take this as appreciation and further put in their efforts to make your business a success.


Staying ahead in competition is easy when you have a good team of workers, programmers and marketers. You must establish cordial relations with each of your teammates and instill a sense of confidence that you can do good work together.

Healthy competition is always good as it keeps pushing you to do better. Therefore, you should not shy away from competing. Nevertheless, you should arm yourself with the best of tools and equipment that can help you in staying ahead. Business is a never-ending battle that makes you learn new things each day. You must be ready to face any challenges or situations.