This post is sponsored by, but includes my own ideas for boosting office morale in your small business in fun and creative ways.

Did you know that highly engaged employees are 2.5 times more likely to offer to help a coworker, go beyond what is expected and recommend your company to a friend who is looking for a job? Plus, they stick around longer. Engagement and higher levels of office morale can come from providing consistent recognition, offering new opportunities, giving traditional perks and allowing for flexible working options. But sometimes injecting some good ol’ fun into your office can keep your employees engaged and excited about work, too. Enter Star Wars copy paper.

Star Wars copy paper from, an online office products company, is a unique and fun product to get those Star Wars fans in your office pumped up about their workspace and experience. Each ream of paper is wrapped in an eye-catching Star Wars design with iconic characters from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, and is packaged in a reusable themed box that brings relevant pop culture to an office product to energize and excite fans. This fun copy paper enables you to transform an ordinary space into a conversation starter, and boost office spirits – something that sometimes can be quite a challenge.

star wars copy paper

Here are a few of the best ways this box can boost morale and bring smiles to your team’s faces.

1. Display It As Wall Art

The Star Wars copy paper box comes with a lid of the box that is perfect to display on the wall like a poster. Add in a few more of your favorite Star Wars memorabilia to the wall for the full effect (I especially love this one if you have a home office).

star wars copy paper2. Make Your Own Shelves

You can take a few boxes, remove the lids, and stack them on their sides for some really fun free-standing Star Wars-themed shelving. (Push them up against a wall or add some clear shipping tape on the back to make them sturdier.)

3. Create an Inbox on Your Desk

Use the lid from the box on your desk as an inbox or paper sorter. Add two for an inbox and out box. You can even mount it to the wall horizontally to collect papers and save room on your desk.

4. Use It As a Bin

Do you have one of those boring blue recycling bins in your office? Get rid of it and use the box as a recycled paper receptacle instead.

5. Store Supplies in Style

Whether you have exposed shelving where you keep your office supplied, a closet or even a dedicated room, you can organize in style with a few of these boxes. (And take any extras home to get your kids’ playroom cleaned up!)

star wars copy paper6. Turn it into a File Box

Do you have a set of files you use every day in your business? Use the copy paper box as a file box you keep near your desk for easy access to those important documents.

7. Make Coasters

OK, this last one requires you to dismantle the box, so you may want to grab an extra one, but it’s one of my favorites. Follow these instructions to make a Star Wars coaster set for your break area. Cool, right?

It’s not often that you get a chance to take something that is generally boring — office supplies — and use it to get your team excited. Not to mention you’ll be a hero to any kids who visit your office for a day! Check out the Star Wars paper and grab a box of your own at: