As a local business, it’s essential to not take the support of your community for granted. 

Residents keep your business going by purchasing your products and services. It’s essential to show your appreciation not just to get more publicity but because it’s the right thing to do. 

Here are eight ways your business can support your local community. 

1) Go to Events

A great way to support your community is to attend local events. By paying to participate in public sports events, theater productions and festivals, you are contributing to various projects throughout the community. 

You can easily show you’re part of a local business by wearing t-shirts and accessories with your business logo. You can also invite employees to join you by covering the cost of admission. 

You can also offer free items at events, whether it’s food samples, small tools or accessories. By happily giving gifts at these events, you are adding joy to someone’s day. 

2) Volunteer

Volunteering is an excellent way for you to serve your community. Volunteer your space or help run local events. You can also volunteer to provide supplies for events. 

You can volunteer on your own or ask your team members to come with you. Volunteering helps the community, which alone should make you feel good. By volunteering, you’ll also get positive exposure for your business. 

Volunteering also allows you to connect with people you may not have met. This helps you form new friendships and new customers. 

3) Host Events

Why not host your community event if you have the space and opportunity, why not host your community event?

When you host an event, you are giving your community and opportunity to do something fun with family and friends. It also helps others make connections with you and each other. 

It doesn’t have to be too expensive. You could do an outdoor movie night or a networking event. You strengthen your community by utilizing your time and space for an event.  

4) Hold Contests

Holding a contest can help bring out the competitive spirit in the community and get people excited about your business and participating together. 

Make sure to publicize the event, so you get a good amount of entries. The contest could be a skills test, trivia or anything. The winner receives a complimentary service or monetary prize.

Contests are a great way to give back to your community while also getting publicity. 

5) Be a Sponsor

Consider sponsoring good causes throughout your community. 

You can sponsor a local sports team and support regional athletic programs. You can sponsor the improvement of a playground or park to make it more enjoyable for local families. You can even fund cleanup events or construction projects. 

By giving money to these causes, you show that you care about the community and beyond the money they give you. 

When you sponsor something, your community will see your show of support. 

6) Collect Donations

There are so many worthy causes worth lending a helping hand. While it’s hard to contribute to all of them, you can allow your customers to donate to an organization in need. 

You can put out a basket for people to drop off supplies for food pantries and emergency shelters, partner with a charity to collect Christmas presents for struggling families or collect monetary donations for medical research. 

However, you decide to collect, know that you are helping give back to the community by providing much-needed funds or supplies. This also helps residents feel good knowing they are helping people. 

7) Provide Internship Opportunities 

Many students are looking for real-world experiences to put on their resumes. By providing internships that teach business skills, you give those students a competitive edge in an ever-challenging job market. 

You know how hard it can be to get a business on its feet and keep it going. You will be able to teach the students more than they’ll get from reading a textbook or listening to a lecture. 

Make sure you can pay the interns, as it’ll relieve them of the burden of trying to get another job and lets them focus more of their time and energy on learning the business world hands-on. 

You can also consider hosting in-person or virtual workshops to teach students the history and operation of your business.

8) Offer Pro Bono Services

Businesses can’t survive without a profit, but if you’re well off, consider giving back by offering free goods and services.

You could donate a portion of food or textiles to your local homeless shelter or food pantry. If you operate a salon, consider giving a makeover to someone down on their luck preparing for a job interview. 

When you offer free services, you can guarantee that you are making an impact on someone’s life. 

Supporting Your Community

By supporting your community, you’re giving back to the people that give your their support by purchasing from your business. 

It’s important to show people that they matter to your business and that you want to give back to them.