By Megan Wild

You can find self-improvement lessons just about anywhere, if you look for them. Construction is all about setting goals, meeting them and making things better. The same goes for improving yourself. Becoming the person that you want to be is a constant cycle of building and changing.

Here are five self-improvement lessons you can learn from a construction site.

1. You Can’t Take on the World by Yourself

This might not sound like a lesson in self-improvement, but it definitely is. Some of us have the tendency to try taking on everything and doing it all by ourselves. We think we can handle it all, but we aren’t superheroes. It’s important to know when it’s time to ask for help so you don’t burn out or end up hurting yourself.

Success in construction is all about teamwork — you must learn when relying on a team can help you. Instead of taking on all of the stress and struggles yourself, consider asking for help once in a while. It’ll lead to a healthier and more positive you.

2. Be Patient

Self-improvement isn’t going to happen instantly. A construction project often takes months or years to complete. You have to work slowly and steadily to improve yourself and become the person that you want to be. If you rush things, you’ll end up with a product that isn’t anywhere as strong as it could be if you would’ve taken your time. Focus on one step at a time to become the person you want to be.

3. Technology Can Help Both You and the World Around You

Technology is changing at an insanely rapid pace. Learning the newest technologies can improve your career as well as help you do things more efficiently. In addition, switching to the newest technology available over an older model can help the world around you as well. Technology helps you to become more efficient, capable and desirable at work, thus helping the company overall. It also makes you feel good to learn something new and to be able to do things you couldn’t before.

4. The Little Things Count

You might want to see some big change in your self-improvement, but that comes from working on the little things. Without a focus on the little things during a construction job, the whole project can fall apart. If the nail placement isn’t exactly correct or if measurements are off by an inch, the whole project can be ruined.

The same goes for self-improvement. Work on those little bad habits you don’t think anyone notices but you. If you want to get more organized, start small — like organizing your sock drawer. The little things lead to bigger things and make a whole world of difference.

5. Go Step-by-Step

You can’t accomplish all of your goals at once. Make plans and deadlines for the goals you want to meet. You have to build a foundation for your improved self before you can add the finishing touches to make it look fancy. Take one step at a time and build a stable, improved person. Patience is key to accomplishing your goals.

Construction sites probably hold even more hidden life lessons. Take this inspiration and use it on your journey to better yourself: An even more incredible you is waiting to take on the world.