By Sarah Kellner

As an entrepreneur, you know that seemingly small setbacks can end up having large financial implications. For this reason, you’ve done everything you can to protect yourself and your business online: you’ve installed security software, encrypted your data, and locked all of your Wi-Fi networks. But what about physical security?

According to, 52 percent of all small businesses are home-based, and even if you operate from a separate location, chances are, you bring work home with you in the form of a laptop, at the very least. Therefore, home security should be at or near the top of the priority list for everyone.

Before spending thousands of dollars on an elaborate home security system, take a look around the house and identify any vulnerable areas that may exist. One of the most popular targets for burglars is sliding glass doors because they can easily be lifted off their tracks or even shattered without drawing much attention.

Here are three simple ways to protect your home business by securing your sliding glass doors.

1. Block the Track

The most basic way to secure sliding glass doors is to drop something rigid and sturdy into the track so that it cannot be slid open in the usual fashion. Baseball bats work great in this capacity. Heavy wooden dowels and two-by-fours also work, and they don’t have to be the exact length of that section of track, as long as you can jam them securely into place.

2. Apply Safety Window Film

Another DIY solution for securing sliding glass doors is to fortify them with security film such as 3M™ Safety & Security Film Ultra S600. The layered film won’t stop a brick from smashing through, but it will hold the shards of glass together and maintain the barrier much longer than film-free glass. The object is to make entry more difficult, and for time-pressed criminals, those extra seconds could make all the difference. To illustrate the point, check out this impressive demonstration of the 3M™ film on YouTube.

3. Install a Sliding Bolt

The final tip for protecting your home business via your sliding glass doors is to install a sliding bolt to the frame of the door. This will prevent the door from moving even if it’s lifted off its track, which is the most popular method of breaking in. Some manufacturers even offer double-bolt locking systems for extra security.

These are just a few ways to make your home office safer from outside intrusion. Installing safe and secure sliding doors that also add to the appeal of your business is better. What are some safety tactics that you employ for your business?