By Alicia Hill

Being successful as a sales professional can heavily rely on how much credibility and trust you build with your customers and prospective customers. The key to making sales is by building relationships with clients that can keep them coming back. There are many ways to go about building some trust with your clients. Below are some top tips and tactics on how to build trust, improve your credibility and boost your overall sales.

1. Relate to Your Customers

A great way to go about building trust as a sales representative is by connecting with your customers on both a personal and business level. Try and put yourself in their shoes and see things from their point of view. This can help you to come up with a better solution to their problems. Customers like to feel that a sales rep is genuinely interested in them and their problems. This is where they will begin to put their trust in you and your opinions.

2. Boost Credibility

When you are a sales professional, your credibility can make or break your sales performance. When customers are looking to invest their money in something, they want to look for credible and reliable sources. A great way to boost your credibility is by having good references. Serious customers will want to contact your references and will put more trust in a sales professional that has positive things said about them from past customers.

3. Always Be Honest

Building trust with clients can boil down to being truthful with them. When a client feels they can trust you, they will begin to respect you. When prospects trust and respect the sales professional they are working with, they will be happier and easier to work with and more likely to make a purchase.

4. Keep Up with Training

A great way to stay on top of your game is to always be training in new and basic types of sales methods. Keeping yourself trained in sales is crucial for your success. Sales reps who are constantly working on themselves and practicing both new and old sales techniques will be able to sell their products and services much easier than those who don’t. Another added benefit of training regularly is that your confidence will begin to increase. More confidence in yourself as a sales rep will help you in trust building with your prospective clients much easier.

5. Perform Research

There are many benefits to performing proper research on your prospective clients. Some of the benefits are:

  • Being able to connect with your current and prospective clients on a deeper level.
  • Gain more confidence.
  • Help in coming up with better solutions to problems.
  • More knowledge in building relationships with clients.

When you put in the research about a prospect you are showing them you are committed. This commitment to helping them will go a long way towards trust building.

6. Have a Positive Attitude

Never underestimate the power behind keeping a good attitude. When it comes to sales positions, having a confident and positive attitude will greatly pay off. Your attitude will shine through with everything about you including your appearance and your sales proposals. A good attitude can also help in building trust with clients.

7. Close on the Sale

Successful sales reps are ones that are good at closing sales. Most times, closing on a sale can simply come from asking for the sale from the client. It is important to have the confidence to ask your prospective client to move forward to the next step in the process. In many instances, a sale can be lost simply because the sales rep didn’t ask the customer for the sale. A good sales professional knows that leaving any step up to the client can be a mistake. It is best to walk a prospective client throughout the whole sales cycle.