Blogging Course Built for Small Business Owners

Unlock the Power of AI Blogging

I used this very system to skyrocket my digital marketing agency’s blog output to over 500,000 words every single month – Securing profitable keyword positions, multiplying our lead flow, and establishing ourselves as the unrivaled solution.

Blogging Course

Meet Your Instructor, AJ

AJ is a seasoned professional in the world of digital marketing, with a particular knack for SEO. He successfully built and scaled an SEO agency, subsequently selling it for a substantial seven-figure sum. Throughout his career, AJ has employed his bespoke blogging system to rapidly increase web traffic for his clients. His expertise and passion for teaching make him an invaluable guide for your blogging journey. Learn from AJ as he shares his proven strategies and tactics, equipping you with the tools to make your blog a roaring success.

What's Inside?

Blogging Course

01: Keyword Research & Content Map Creation 

  • How to do lucrative keyword research
  • How to spy (and steal) your competitors’ keywords
  • Introduction to the pillar and cluster content system 
  • How to bring it all together and create a topical map/content strategy 

Included Resources: Pillar and Cluster SOP, Content MAP SOP, and Content MAP Outline

Blogging Course

02: Content Briefs

  • Understanding search intent 
  • How to create a content brief 
  • How to structure articles for conversions 
  • How to write a SPEAR introduction 

Included Resources: Briefing SOP

Blogging Course
Blogging Course

How to Write Blog Content:

  • How to write blog posts
  • How to structure blog posts  
  • Leveraging AI for streamlined content production 
  • Introduction to Surfer SEO

Included Resources: Content Writing SOP

Blogging Course

How to Publish Content:

  • WordPress publishing
  • Unique image creation 
  • Elementor publishing
  • Internal linking guide 

Included Resources: WordPress Publishing Guide, Internal Linking SOP

Blogging Course
Blogging Course

How to Manage a Content Team of Subcontractors:

  • Managing content using a CRM
  • Automating content management 
  • Content editing and review 

Included Resources: Content Management SOP 

Blogging Course

How to Measure & Update Content 

  • How to measure results using free tools
  • How to update content 
  • When to update content 
  • How/When to use video content 

Included Resources: Content Updating SOP

Blogging Course

The Full Curriculum

Part 1: Course Introduction 

  • Welcome & Course Goals
  • My Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Expectations & Approach
  • How the Course Works
  • Course Resources
  • Full Course PDF Download

Part 2: What to Write

  • Content Map 101
  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Using Keyword Research Tools
  • People Also Ask & Google
  • Pillar & Cluster Strategy
  • Action Steps

Part 3: How to Write

  • Understanding Search Intent
  • Creating a Content Brief
  • SPEAR Intro
  • How to Write Content
  • Using AI for Content Writing
  • Introduction to Surfer SEO
  • Running Content Through Grammarly
  • Action Steps

Part 4: How to Publish Content

  • WordPress Publishing
  • How to Create (Easy) Unique Images
  • Elementor Publishing
  • Internal Linking
  • Action Steps

Part 5: How to Manage Content Production 

  • Managing Content in a CRM
  • Management Automation
  • Content Editing & Review
  • Action Steps

Part 6: How to Measure & Update Content

  • Measuring Results
  • Updating Content
  • Action Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's This Course For?

This course is designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, content creators, marketers, and individuals interested in leveraging the power of AI to enhance their content strategy.

Why is Blogging Important?

A blog serves as an effective platform for businesses to communicate with their audience, share insights, and establish industry authority.

Regularly written and updated blogs (with quality content) can significantly boost a website's SEO, driving organic traffic and increasing visibility in search engine results.

Moreover, blogs provide an opportunity for businesses to engage their audience, build trust, and foster a community around their brand.

What Will I Learn in This Course?

You'll learn my proven system for writing over 500,000 words of content a month. 

This system allowed me to scale my SEO agency to multiple seven figures ARR and eventually sell for a multiple seven figure exit. 

With That Much Information, This has Got to be Expensive, Right?

No. It's $200

Most Courses Like This are $1,500. What Gives?

This isn't my primary source of income. My goal with these courses is to educate the entrepreneurial community and help others succeed in business. 

What's Missing In This Course That Other Courses Charge $1,500 For?

The production value of this course is the difference in price. I'm not spending $100,000 on video production, renting a beach house or sitting in a (rented) private jet. It's just me in my house in Minneapolis, MN.  

Ok, But Is It Actually Worth $200?

I spent over 100 hours coming up with the content for this course. Moreover, I spent the last decade coming up with this system that I've tested on hundreds of small businesses. 

Will it be the best $200 you've ever spent? Pretty damn close.  

How Long Until I see Results From This?

This system takes time. It entirely depends on how closely you follow it, but it's typically going to take six months to see minimum results and 12 months to see maximum results. 

Do I Get Lifetime Access?

Yes, and you'll get access to all future updates.