AJ, Our Founders Story

AJ Headshot Banner

AJ is a highly successful business leader, small business coach, and self-made millionaire. AJ has helped dozens of small businesses succeed online and is taking the next chapter of his life to help our bonfire nation do the same.

Here’s AJ’s story.

Early Life

AJ was born in 1991 in Mason City, Iowa. Shortly after being born, his family traveled for his mother’s job, eventually landing in Rochester, MN. If you asked AJ where he grew up, he would say Rochterser.

AJ spent most of his life living a very traditional suburban upbringing. AJ attended school at Mayo High and was captain of the football team, but he always had a vision for more.

The Startup Grind

Growing up, AJ was an entrepreneur at heart. He started his first business when he was 12, mowing his neighbor’s lawns. With the help of his younger brother, that business expanded to making nearly $20,000 in any given summer. Although this side hustle didn’t make him rich, it gave him the confidence to take risks and pursue success on his own terms.

Throughout his entrepreneurial career, AJ has started nearly a dozen businesses, some successes, while others were failures. The experience he gained from these businesses is invaluable and helped him become the business leader he is today.

The Guerrilla Agency

It wasn’t until 2017 that AJ started The Guerrilla Agency and decided to “whole ass one thing, rather than half-ass two things.” Over 5 years, AJ scaled The Guerrilla Agency from his one-bedroom apartment in NE Minneapolis to a multi-seven-figure agency by age 29. In the Summer of 2022, The Guerrilla Agency was acquired for a muli-seven figure sum.

The Bonfire Nation

Ultimately, AJ’s life journey led him to Small Business Bonfire. AJ has always been drawn to the mission of helping entrepreneurs succeed online. He quickly saw the platform’s potential and decided to go all in on helping small businesses across the nation.

AJ’s Next Chapter

After discovering success at a young age, AJ is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs find the same success.

He knows how hard it can be to grow a business, but he believes anything is possible with the right tools and guidance.

Today, AJ’s primary hustle is growing Small Business Bonfire by helping millions of small business owners across the globe. AJ also is a small business coach and startup investor.

Final Thoughts

AJ’s story is inspiring, and his hard work has earned him a place in the bonfire nation. Now it’s your turn to use AJ’s knowledge and experience to help you succeed.