It’s never been easy to hire backend developer who will raise eyebrows. But just because it takes time doesn’t mean that it has to be a painful job. In this article, we will show 7 secrets to hire backend developers and succeed with your attempts to recruit the right talent for your company.

Secret 1: Do a good research

Assessing a project without a plan in place can lead to confusion and a botched website launch. Having a list of your website’s needs from developers from the start will help you avoid those costly mistakes, as well as grant you the ability to develop a site that fits both your target audience and your business needs. Before you hire backend engineer for your project, you should be aware of any risks that could potentially arise.

Hire backend developers that you have researched well.

Secret 2: Look for experienced developers

Developing a scalable, high-performing web application requires the expertise of experienced professionals. An inexperienced team may build an unprofessional website that is likely to fail in the market due to its inability to handle traffic or support complex features. A company that hires an inexperienced team may build a mediocre website that fails to attract visitors or promote business goals.

Secret 3: Ask for a portfolio

Nearly all web development companies have a website. To review their work, check out their portfolios, which are usually easy to find on the company’s site. Read past projects to see if they are a good fit for what you are looking for.

You can also contact one or more of the company’s previous clients and ask them about their experience with the company to get an idea of what working with them is really like. Or check reviews on platforms other than their own website – like Trustpilot. 

Secret 4: Don’t go cheap

You can find backend developers for hire on platforms like Upwork, Toptal, and Fiverr. Although it might seem like a fantastic option initially, it might turn out to be a disaster in the end.

It’s important to be cost-effective, but don’t let pricing drive decisions. It may sound tempting to just hire the cheapest developers for your project, but if you want to get the best product possible, you need to take time to do your research and commit to an honest budget that you can live with. You might save $5,000 at the beginning and then splash $20,000 for corrections.

Secret 5: Reliability is above anything else

Popularity is only a factor when it comes to popularity. If a company is well known, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone knows about the business. There needs to be a trail of information concerning the business and its reputation, and it needs to be credible.

Look for a company that experts have reviewed in the field of your interest, and you can trust that your money will be going to a good place.

Secret 6: Test the company with small tasks

You should never give away the most critical projects to remote development teams, regardless of whether you’re working with freelancers or an agency. It’s better to start small and work your way up, and once you’re confident in their skill set and capacity, then the more significant projects can come into play.

Secret 7: Seek answers regarding ongoing support

If you require post-development support, the development team must explain their obligation to provide such support. Also, it should be part of your agreement. Suppose you need web app submission, testing, bug fixing, and support after deployment. In that case, these are all details that the two parties (you and your development company) must discuss during the proposal phase.


If you want to hire backend developers for your company, you need to be able to effectively communicate with them. More than that, though, if you’re going to outsource your features, you should find a way of communicating what you are looking for in your product. And remember – don’t go cheap on finding the right talent for your business – when it comes to quality, there has to be no compromise.