If you own a WIX website and require reliable technology to communicate through chat with your customers, then you should consider WhatsApp integration. Chatting through WhatsApp eased communication, and it has become a prominent method of “keeping in touch” for almost everyone who has a smartphone.

Now, this WhatsApp messaging has penetrated business communications not only as a standalone app but also through integration into websites, especially those built using WIX. 

Why Should You Consider It?

Communicating swiftly and efficiently is an important factor in converting a conversation into a positive lead. According to a customer, your response to chat reflects your interest in them and your business.

To be able to respond to your customers’ queries in a timely manner, a sensible option would be a chatbot. With a handy chatbot builder platform like SendPulse, creating a chatbot for WhatsApp takes under an hour and requires no coding skills.

Having an effective chat system in place for your WIX website will not only boost your sales but also encourage your potential clients to clear their queries without wasting any time. When customers correspond with support agents through the well-known WhatsApp platform using chat facilities, they find it convenient to communicate.

Integration Choice

The process of integration is simple and can be done in two ways

WIX website is offering assistance to integrate WhatsApp for chat, but it does need some technical knowledge, a premium WIX subscription, and little work. However, if you need highly advanced chat options that give more convenience to your users, then consider third-party integration of WhatsApp to chat with them.

Also, you need not worry about coding this feature as they are tailor made for WIX-based websites. The advantage of using such integrations is they are easily customizable to your needs and offer plenty of features to make your communication better and reliable. 

Difference From Conventional Chat

The chatting system has been around for years for support but is not full-fledged as it is either simple and limited or elaborate and sophisticated. WhatsApp chat eliminates both the issues and gives you a complete solution for your WIX website by presenting you with a simple yet elegant solution that you and your customer are comfortable using.

See how the WhatsApp chat for Wix differs from a conventional chat:

  • Can exchange attachments, article links, emojis, location, audio messages, or text
  • Most importantly, communication is preserved
  • Allows live session chat with support teams
  • Connect through various ways such as click to chat link or QR code
  • Creates tickets conditionally when a customer gets in touch

Advantages Of WhatsApp Chat For Your WIX Website

You might be wondering what benefits you get when you use WhatsApp for chatting with your customers about pre-sales, after-sale, and inquiries. Here is a short but important list from several of them, which you will notice as you start using it.

  • Can encourage communication right at promotional offers by placing QR code
  • Easier to answer the queries of customers while they shop
  • Assisting users to continue with their shopping will lead to lesser abandoned carts
  • An economical solution for such sophisticated technology as creating your system for similar actions requires lots of coding hours, testing, and maintenance
  • Returns can be handled efficiently, leading to customer satisfaction
  • Improves your chances of providing high-quality support to customers
  • Facility to add several agents
  • Tracking your customers needs and behavior becomes easier

What Else Should You Know?

There are a few things you need to be aware of before using WhatsApp chat for your WIX website. 

Approval: You need to get approval for the WhatsApp Business account. The complete process is listed in detail in the WIX support section, and if you are using third-party applications, most providers are willing to get it set up for you.

Opt-In: According to the WhatsApp Business Policy, you need to obtain opt-in consent from your customers before sending template notifications. You can do this by placing a consent message when they click on the chat link and receive their consent to chat.

24-Hour Rule: This rule limits your sending of certain types of messages to customers through WhatsApp chat. If you do not respond 24 hours, you can only reply using template messages. It helps you to keep your replies optimized.

Payment: You can use WhatsApp Business chat at a cost based on your region and requirements. Make sure you check out these charges and know how much it costs you.


While there are certain rules and regulations in place, they keep the business operations legitimate and optimized. Coming to the other hurdles, you can easily deal with them when you take the support of a third party or if you have little technical knowledge.

Once you start using WhatsApp for your WIX website, your sales will improve significantly, and communication will be smoother and quicker. Adding WhatsApp chat is as easy as creating your website with WIX but gives you excellent results once you do so.

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