By Parker Davis

Two of the most valuable resources for any business are time and money. The more you have, the better.

Sure, the obvious way to make more money is to sell more products and services, and the obvious way to save time is to make your processes more efficient. We assume you’re already trying to do both of these things consistently. But there’s another even simpler way to gain more time and money – outsourcing.

By outsourcing the right things, you can accelerate the growth of your businesses. But, what exactly should you outsource? That’s precisely what we’re going to cover today. Here are five things you can outsource to make your business more efficient.

1. Content

You may not have the budget for a full-time content marketing manager. If that’s the case, you should consider outsourcing. Content can be a tremendous asset for your business – that is if it’s good content that nails the right message.

What’s more, your content should also be consistent – at least 1-3 posts a week (with a mix of blogs, videos, and infographics). This may be hard to manage for a small business. Luckily, you can use sites like Upwork to find experienced writers to plan out and craft your content.

2. Social Media

Social media is another key for business growth. When you can reach your audience on social media with the right message, you can build relationships and trust. You can then market your products and services to that trusting audience. But social media requires a lot of work – multiple daily posts on several platforms, building the audience, etc. It’s a heavy workload, especially for smaller businesses.

What’s more, a full-time social media manager can draw a 6-figure salary, which may be a heavy burden on your bottom line. And so, outsourcing may be the best option. To choose a social media consultant you can trust, make sure to look at their testimonials and reviews (they should have a testimonials page on their website).

3. Design

Unless you know your way around Photoshop, you’ll probably want to outsource this one. Logos, website design, sales pages, etc. – with the right designs, your business and website can be much more profitable (and your brand can be more memorable).

So, it’s best to leave this one up to the design professionals. You can find thousands of quality designers on Upwork, as well as services like 99Designs.

4. Bookkeeping

There’s no quicker way to land your business in hot water than to mishandle the finances. This can cause you tons of headaches, along with a lot of money down the road. While you can bring in full-time bookkeepers to help with this, that can be costly. By outsourcing, you can pay a fixed price for bookkeeping services each month based on your needs.

Once again, you can find great bookkeepers on Upwork, as well as services like Indinero.

5. The Receptionist

Hiring a receptionist may be more expensive than you think. It’s not just their salary you have to account for, but also training, bonuses, time off, healthcare, and more. All of these expenses add up quickly.

What’s more, an in-office receptionist can only be available for a certain amount of time each day. When they’re not in, your clients, customers, and prospects will be frustrated. When you outsource this with a virtual answering service, you can save a huge portion of the money and also assure that someone is there to answer your phones 24/7.

Time and money are two of the most valuable resources for your business. By outsourcing the right tasks like those mentioned in this article, you can get more of each of those resources and accelerate the growth of your business.

What other tasks have you outsourced successfully for your business? Let us know in the comments below!