When choosing the right product to purchase, customers do have certain expectations. Maybe even greater when it comes to online shopping.

Online shopping may be more convenient than spending the time and energy to go to the store in town. However, there is certainly some insecurity customers have when choosing products online.

Whether you are selling a physical product, software, or something else, having in mind what customers look for when choosing products online will surely help you increase sales.


When it comes to prices, customers inevitably want to purchase the product for the best price possible. If your customer is a frequent online shopper, they may spot items that have a good deal at the moment.

 Still, comparing products is often the case as many online stores sell the same item at different prices. 

 What if low price means low quality. So how do customers choose the product according to price? 

Online price comparison tools are the key. Even though some may have an excellent eye when choosing quality, these can help. 

They can help compare the price of one product in different online stores. These websites can compare prices for services or products from any sector. Such as food, personal care products, or even car insurance prices and technological products.

Having that in mind, you can optimize your catalog to promote its appearance in the search results of the comparison tools. Or compare the prices with your own to find the balance and benefit the sale of your product.


Other than the reliability of shipping, it being free is also essential. Customers are willing to spend more if the shipping is free. Online shopping saves time and money, and if they have to pay for shipping, they may also spend commuting to the store.

The free shipping gives customers the patience to wait a few days to get the product. If you maybe can’t afford to give your customers free shipping, try to include shipping on some promotional items to attract more customers.

Payment Method

Sharing credit or debit card details may not seem safe to everyone when purchasing online.

So, when purchasing, customers may decide to go with the website or online store that offers payment via Paypal, Square, or Apple Pay.

This is also convenient as they don’t have to add their address information for every purchase they make online. Especially if shopping from the phone, they are less likely to bother with the website that doesn’t give the easier option.

So, adding new payment options is worth the time and effort to help the customers choose your product.

Customer reviews

Customers are likely to choose products with better reviews and customer video testimonials as they are based on real customer experiences. Hence, it helps them decide whether they want to buy the product.

So, how can you increase and improve your customer reviews?

• Put the reviews front.

You can put some reviews on your front page or a product page if the review is on a specific item.

• Be available on other sites.

If you are on the same sites as your customers, it will increase getting more reviews. Try adding   Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts to your website. So, they can see that you are available in more places to hear their honest opinion.

• Connect with your reviewers

You can stay connected with the reviewers by thanking them for a positive comment. Plus, try to respond to the negative comments, especially if they all point out the same issues. It would help you learn and improve the business.

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Online Customer Service

Another tip includes having good customer service. The customers who can ask questions about the product and your brand and get the proper answers trust you more. So take your time when choosing the customer support platform and compare RingCentral vs Nextiva, for example. Remember that the setup, usability and speed of the customer support are crucial reasons for customers to choose your product.

You can use some of the following options:

• Live chat  

• ‘Contact us’ option

• Phone number

Product images

High-quality images of the product are essential since that is the first thing a customer will see. Whatever they want to buy, the picture that matches the expectations is crucial since it forms the opinion on the product. 

Therefore, a good image will create an excellent first impression of the product and the brand itself.

Also, it offers a better understanding of the product. As physically touching and seeing the product is not possible when shopping online, an excellent product image taken from different angles will create a better experience.

So, since customers can access it easily, they are more likely to choose your product and come back for more.

In addition, images send a message about your brand. Your brand’s style is best seen through images, whether you choose to go for contemporary or, for example, vintage. 

It makes the brand more recognizable and builds the customers’ trust in the product and the company.

You can assume buyers will check the competitors as well when choosing a product. Thus, having the product images appealing in the best light can capture the sale quickly.

Moreover, another benefit is that attractive images are more likely to be shared on social media. 

Not only can you share it on Instagram or Pinterest, but the buyers will also. It is a great way to create a buzz about what you sell and attract new clients.

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Marketing Claims

As this may not seem as crucial, consumers genuinely value the marketing claims of a product. It can be a claim that a product is ‘fragrance-free or ‘from natural ingredients.

 Either way, the claims have to be accurate, or you will lose the consumers’ trust. 

Then, certify the product in an independent laboratory and confirm the efficiency of the product.

Therefore, your claims on the market will always remain true.


Buying products online has undoubtedly become a more convenient way of shopping.Whatever you might be selling, selling it online will undoubtedly contribute to your business.

Therefore, try to follow some of these tips, and customers will keep choosing your product.