Adults aren’t the only ones who like to earn an income without having to answer to The Man. Judging by the number of lemonade stands I’ve seen in my neck of the woods since school has let out, I’m guessing lots of kids and teens have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug this summer. And can you blame them? It’s nice to be rewarded with a paycheck for working hard at something you love.

Want to help your kids launch their own small business this summer? Discuss these business ideas or start brainstorming your own.

Moving Service

Summer is a popular time for people to relocate because parents don’t have to worry about their children switching to a new school in the middle of the academic year.  Teens who like physical work can start their own moving service. A group of three or four can knock out a few jobs a week and take home a killing.

Professional Shopper

Whether it’s running errands for a busy executive or helping an elderly couple keep their cupboards stocked with nutritious food, professional shopping is another great small business idea. Cut back on clients in the fall, and this is a job that can be kept year-round.

Tutoring Business

Students who excel in a particular subject area can make money over the summer tutoring peers and younger students in things like math, English and science. Advertise tutoring services on community boards at your local library to build a list of clients.

Build an Etsy Shop

For kids with the gift of fashion, décor, or crafting, opening an Etsy shop is an ideal small business startup idea. Students will perfect their craft, but they’ll also learn the ins and outs of pricing, online marketing, and shipping.

House- or Pet-sitting

Neighbors going out of town for vacation this summer? House-sitting and pet-sitting are great entrepreneurial startups for older kids and teens. Walk flyers door-to-door to advertise your services to everyone in the neighborhood. A dog walking business would be another great small business idea or add-on service for animal lovers.

Car Washing Service

People are extremely busy these days, and any service that gives them some of their time back is likely to make a great business venture for students.

Home Improvement Services

I don’t know about you, but I’d love for someone to take care of my household chores for me. From laundry and vacuuming to painting and lawn care, a home services small business is sure to be in high demand.


Think Babysitters Club and network with other students to turn this old stand-by into a real small business. Parents will love that they don’t have to make a dozen different phone calls to find someone for Saturday night!

Starting a small business teaches students responsibility and helps them earn money for trips, college, and more. Will your kids or teens be working for themselves this summer? What other small business ideas would you suggest?