Have you ever been impressed by a product’s packaging? The answer is most certainly yes because, at some point in our life, we have all come across packaging that has blown us away, including packing that is without a product label. They stand out on the shelves and attract the customer’s attention.

This is probably why you want to create the same sort of packaging for yourself. You can achieve this packaging with the help of screen printing on glass bottles. The popularity of screen printing on glass bottles is on the rise as it provides many benefits to businesses and entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1) Helps your brand stand out

When you decide the type of packaging for your product, you need to consider several things that will help you achieve your business goals. The packaging is responsible for attracting customers, communicating your company’s values and message to the customers effectively, encouraging the customers to purchase the product, and eventually selling the product and increasing profit. Your packaging should make your company stand out from the competitors.

A great way to ditch paper labels on your packaging is to screen printing on glass bottles. In today’s time, you can use any color and even add effects such as texts that glow in the dark with the help of advanced screen printing machines and methods. This allows you to be creative and create unique and different packaging that will attract your customers and encourage them to purchase.

Due to climate change, pollution, and the dangerous effects of human activity on the environment, customers think about their purchases’ effects on the environment. This is why customers consider environment-friendly packaging and companies that support this cause.

Glass bottles are recyclable and are not a threat to the environment, which makes glass bottles an ideal packaging solution for environment-friendly conscious customers. Glass bottles can be reused, recycled, and reduced, thus reducing the negative effects on the environment.

Milk delivery services are an example of businesses that use and reuse their glass bottles as part of their business. They follow a simple business model in which the milk is delivered to the customer in milk bottles, and then the empty glass bottles are collected by the milkman. These empty bottles are sterilized and refilled to be delivered.

2) Screen printed glass bottles are a symbol of high quality

Entrepreneurs have a wide variety of packaging options in today’s world, making it even more crucial for them to pick the right one. The product’s packaging is the first thing a customer sees, and it serves as the first impression the customer has of your brand.

According to a survey, customers tend to perceive products that have high-quality packing to be expensive and of high quality. This also creates a positive brand image and brand trust.

Over the years, many studies have been conducted to determine the effects of product packaging on customers’ perception of the product. According to the results of these studies, high-quality packaging plays a key role in creating a brand trust that leads to better customer relationships. Once customers trust your company, they are more willing to purchase from you again and even spend more money buying a product from you.

Some customers prefer a certain type of packing while others may find some other packaging more appealing. This is why products with unique packaging such as unique printing and designs can give you a competitive advantage. Screen printing on glass bottles provides a sense of durability, style, decency, and high-quality packaging.

When screen-printed products enter the market, they already have the upper hand as their packaging is more attractive and appealing to customers. Glass is the ideal material representing quality and value compared to plastic and paper. The majority of the customers now know the benefits of glass packaging and are willing to spend more money on products packed in glass bottles.

3) Screen printed glass bottles are recyclable and reusable

Screen-printed designs on glass bottles are very durable and can withstand many washes. Caustic sanitizers help to keep the design on the glass bottle intact. This means that your glass bottles can be reused many times for your business.

Not just that, reusing glass bottles also cut down costs and helps you follow an economical and budget-friendly business model. Also, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing because the screen printing designs on your glass bottle will do the job.

The days when customers would give you the same single bottle, again and again, are gone. Now people prefer using reusable bottles. Also, plastic packaging labels are a serious threat to the environment as most cannot be recycled.

Once your glass bottle product is on the market, people will start reusing it. They may also utilize glass bottles for other purposes. This allows entrepreneurs to grow their business as well as save the planet by promoting eco-friendly practices.

In today’s time, you can easily find glass bottle cleaning and washing equipment in the market. Many machines can wash many bottles in one go so that your business can run smoothly and deliver products daily. A glass bottle washing machine should save energy, uses minimum water and detergent. If you are planning on starting a business that uses screen-printed glass bottles, it is recommended that you invest in a good bottle washing machine.

4) No more paper and shrink-wrapped packaging labels

Paper and shrink-wrapped labels have many issues that you no longer have to face with screen printing. Common issues of paper and shrink-wrapped labels are wrinkles, bubbles, low-quality imagery, and slips, all of which harm your brand image. When customers see bubbles and wrinkles on paper labels, they automatically perceive the product as low quality.

These issues are not an issue with screen printing. Screen printing can be done on all sorts of shaped bottles. Screen printing allows you to create designs with eye-catching, unique, appealing colors with ultraviolet inks and organic inks. Such bright and vibrant colors make your product attractive and catch the customer’s attention immediately.

In a nutshell

As seen above, screen printing on glass bottles provides many benefits to entrepreneurs and their businesses. They help your product stand out from the competitors but also help you save the environment by encouraging recycling and reusing.