By Princess Jones

There’s power in social sharing. “Going viral” only means that people are sharing your content and amplifying its message. When Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks determine trending topics, it’s based on what everyone is sharing.

Thunderclap is a marketing tool based on social amplification. When you run a campaign, you ask your supporters to schedule a social media posts for your launch. Then, at the scheduled time, your supporters’ followers on various networks all see the same message. Here is what you need to know about using Thunderclap for social media.

Setting One Up


If you’re ready to start a Thunderclap campaign, go to Then click “Start a Thunderclap” in the menu at the top of the screen. You’ll see the option to get it started or to look at some examples of similar types of campaigns. I’d suggest that you scroll through those to see what you like. There are also some case studies of some successful campaigns that might help guide you. When you’re ready, click “Start.”

Next, you’ll fill in all of the information about your campaign. You’ll have all of the usual suspects like your name, bio, and social media tags. But as you scroll down, you’ll get to the information that’s specific to Thunderclap–a catchy title for your campaign, the message, and the link you’ll want to include. You also need to choose an end date and supporter goal. Note, that you can’t choose a time that lasts more than 60 days.

Finally, you’ll get the chance to add a campaign photo and a few paragraphs to explain why you’re doing this campaign. You’ll also need to give them your email so they can tell you when your campaign is approved.


On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a “Preview” button. Click it to show what your Thunderclap campaign page will look like based on your changes. When you like what you see, click “Create and Continue.” You’ll confirm on the next page and submit it for approval.

Things to Remember

Your Thunderclap campaign is only as good as your campaigning efforts. As you are ramping up supporters, you need to continually ask people to sign up to help you. The best campaigning efforts create a sense of urgency and make your call to action clear.

You have to get a minimum of 100 supporters for your Thunderclap campaign to go live. If you work hard at promoting this campaign and only get 99 supporters, you still won’t get the posts. Also, it requires your supporters to authorize Thunderclap to post for them. Some users aren’t comfortable with that.

And don’t forget the importance of crafting an important message to have your supporters amplify. This is how your Thunderclap campaign gets legs. As the friends and followers of your supporters read the message, you want them to be compelled to share the message and/or follow the call to action.