Whether you are starting a new office, or are into tech, graphic design, or writing, wall arts can be a great investment. Additionally, wall arts or motivational posters can even help keep your office looking sharp.

Posters not only make your office look lively but also help keep your employees motivated. So investing in a few posters that go well with the decor of your office would be a smart move on your part!

Popular posters for startup offices

Now, selecting posters for startup offices can be a bit tricky. There is a lot that goes into designing the interior of an office. And it is important that you select posters that go well with that interior.

The last thing you want is for a poster to look out of place in an office room thereby ruining the whole vibe of the workplace!

Here are some really cool poster ideas that you can consider while deciding on posters for your new office space.

1.    Visually creative posters

These types of posters can be great if your company is into visual mediums and offer services, such as graphic design, photography, videography, and more.

Other types of posters, let’s say the ones with quotes, may not be that motivating for people into the creative processes. In such a case, posters that are graphically appealing would be better for creative firms.

Additionally, you can select visually creative posters that go well with the decor of your office, thereby making the whole workspace look synched. Alternatively, you can get posters in monochromatic tones that look minimal yet go well with any decor. A classic black and white visually creative poster can look aesthetically pleasing!

2.    Motivational and inspirational posters

These are the classic wall posters that you see in most offices. Motivational and inspirational quotes posters are mainly quotes and sayings from famous personalities.

Such posters help motivate your employees and also make the walls of your office look much livelier. Select motivational and inspirational posters that are motivating enough and help your employees work harder!

For such posters, you do not really need to align the color theme with the decor of your office. Posters that stand out against the background of the office room would do the trick too. For instance, you can get a motivational poster in a pink or yellow color to hang against a classic black and white backdrop!

3.    New office posters

If you are a startup owner, then getting some motivational posters that can help you keep your mind hustling can be a great idea. You can also invest in some posters that create the whole ‘new office’ vibes. There are multiple posters available online that have motivational or random quotes designed specifically for a new office environment.

An example for a new office poster would be “Work towards your dream”. This simple yet powerful quote will keep your employees motivated and remind them to work harder towards their dream.

4.  Writing posters

Writing consists of writing, editing, journalism, and other similar professions. So, if your office is into writing, you can get posters that motivate the creative side of your employees. For instance, inspirational quotes from famous authors would be a great choice.

A great example of a writing poster would be “Write That Novel”. Even though you may be working on a simple column or listicle, seeing this poster every time you walk into the office will keep you motivated to work harder!

Another great example of a writing poster would be definitions. These will not only fill up the space in your office but also be extremely helpful to your writers and editors.

While deciding on the background color of the poster, you can select something that is simple yet classy. For instance, a black background with the definitions, quotes, or writings in white would be a great choice.

5.  Technical posters

Today, tech is one of the biggest industries. If your office is in the tech domain, then some really cool technological wall art would be a great investment.

An example of a technical poster would be some cool tech designs like the dissection of a computer part. Another example would be some neon-colored technical quotes. The best part is that you can write your own technical quotes and print posters written in neon. These technical posters will make your office look both motivational and cool.

Coming to the colors, it would be best if you keep the background of the poster black or some other dark color. It will help make the neon pop against a dark backdrop!

6.  The Office posters (TV show)

The Office is one of the most liked TV shows among people. Using the humor and jokes from the TV show in your own office can be both fun and motivating.

There are two ways to include The Office posters in your office. First, getting a poster with a single phrase or joke from the show. Second, getting a poster with multiple phrases or jokes. Either way, the posters will equally look and light up your workspace. For the color theme and office decor, it would be better to keep the posters minimal.


To sum it all up, getting posters for your office can be a great investment. Not only will the posters look cool and make the office livelier, but they will also help keep your employees motivated.

If you found this article helpful, do let us know in the comments section below. We would love to know which poster you got for your office!