By Alfred Stallion

Starting a business is so much fun. Although, the risk is higher, creating your own business is a great source of experience in your journey. However, legalities and registration of your small business is another matter altogether. Although different government agencies are doing their best to speed up small business registrations, no one can escape the long lines for getting requirements, the long weeks to months of waiting for processing, going back and forth on government agencies to secure documentary requirements. All this plus you still need to manage your starting business makes you want to ask, “Should I register my small business now?”

Since most people do not want to experience such things and argue that they are just starting their business, they decided not to register it for now. However, if you want to have credibility for your small business, you need to have government-approved and duly registered certificates. These tips will help make the small business registration process less painful.

1. Register Your Business Quickly

While you think that you might be the only one to register your small business for the day and finish the application process in less than 30 minutes, the processing will not be that quick. Before you, there are more entrepreneurs who already filed an application for registration. Your application will be sent at the bottom and you’d have to wait for days or weeks before it is finally its turn. So, do not even think twice when registering your small business. If you had the idea of creating your own business, put the application for registration first, then you will surely have your business permit as soon as your business starts.

2. Check All Requirements Needed

Before going to respective government agencies, makes sure to check all requirements needed. Nowadays, most government agencies are posting all requirements for any application process they have on their official websites. So, you do not have to go their offices and ask for every requirement they need, you can now check it online for faster access. Just be sure that what you are accessing is their official website or social media account. In case that you cannot get hold of their official sites, Google has your back. Many other blogs and threads can give you full details of requirements if you want to register your small business.

3. Ready All Papers, Follow Instructions and Fill Out Forms Completely

After checking all of the requirements, you can now prepare your papers in one go. For application process like small business registration, you are required to fill out forms. Like I’ve said earlier, government agencies have official websites. There, they also upload application forms and the step-by-step processing of applications. You can download such application forms, print them, and fill them out in the comforts of your home. Now, instead of using more time in filling out forms in government offices, you can use that time to wait in line for processing your papers.

4. Be Early

After securing all requirements and filling out all of the necessary forms, you can now go to the government office. But, if you plan to finish quickly, you need to be early. Government agencies tend to be crowded late in the morning and long lines will be looping even in the sides of the street. You might want to avoid that and be on the first ten people on the line. So, wake early and be there early.

5. Complete an Online Application

For those who really do not have the time to go to government agencies, there are some agencies that accept online applications. Check official websites if they do such processes. For such online applications with government agencies, they will most likely ask you to go to the office to pass only the requirements needed and all you will need to do is wait for them to call you back again for your official business permit. 

New business ventures need to be started up right. And this is usually properly achieved by having the right licenses and permits to be able to operate within the existing laws where it is located. By following our useful tips, you have all of the necessary means for processing your papers.

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