By David Mackenzie

A new world is on the rise.

Whether it is people, things or everything in between, a connection is being forged and continues to develop, leading to a highly connected, tech-saturated milieu.

These things have either become part of history or are still making history. Regardless of which, the fact remains that people continue to journey towards a world that is continually changing.

Say “Hello” to Hyperconnectivity

People are getting more and more connected. The connection is spreading like wildfire as technology continues to innovate and grow with the Internet. Bridging geographical barriers, this state of hyperconnectivity has penetrated every thread of human interaction.

Of adults worldwide, 82% own a mobile phone, says a Gallup global survey. It is no wonder as connectivity networks continue to proliferate, continuing to cross borders and making collaboration easier for everyone.

Also, 47% believe that living a digital life will lead to improved well-being in the next decade. This is according to a 2018 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center.

Just like other industries, the human resources and recruitment sector is experiencing this hyperconnectivity. Both companies and candidates struggle to find their perfect match. These days, the olden ways of hiring people is no longer a surefire way to attract and keep talent. The evolving business landscape has also changed the way companies look for candidates. Companies that understand this and today’s modern landscape are pulling ahead of the pack. They continue to evolve, earn and grow, investing in remote technologies, remote processes, and executive coaching and leadership development services to retain talent and incubate high potentials into high performers.

Recruitment in the Age of Hyperconnectivity

Tried and tested hiring methods can stand to be more flexible in today’s fast-paced world. Disruptive methods can be efficient ways to find top talent. Corporate HR and headhunters need to overhaul old, inefficient and unproductive processes to get better results.

Tech-driven solutions, thoughtfully designed digital interactions, and an in-depth knowledge of industry trends and cultures must be given consideration when you want to draw in highly qualified candidates.

Here are some of the ways that you can use to recruit people in today’s hyperconnected world.

1. Nurture Relationships

Create lasting relationships with people. Spend time to research on the candidate that you’ll be interviewing before the interview. The information you get will allow you to have an interactive conversation.

It will also make them more comfortable to talk about their skills and talents. What you will find out during the interview will be valuable in matching them for positions that need to be filled.

After the interview, make it a point to follow up. This will show that that you care enough to ask about their job-seeking journey. Being in touch will also open opportunities for feedback. It will also help you in retaining or improving good recruitment practices.

2. Make Mentoring the Norm

Millennials thrive in non-traditional work environments that allow them to explore their creativity. They also value flexibility, feedback, and free thinking.

They also admire team leaders who create a coaching culture. Millennials value those who take time to mentor them to be better individuals in both work and play.

This new generation of workers value work-life balance. They appreciate an organization that invests in both their personal and professional growth. Opportunities for training and development are very much welcome.

3. Draw from Your Existing Network

Once you have hooked in top candidates, make sure that you keep in touch. Cultivate good relationships with them. Establish rapport that will keep the communication lines open.

When you have a need for topnotch candidates again for open positions, you need not go very far. Look within your yard and see if you can pick from within or ask for referrals.

Current employees will likely refer people who are also excellent. They will not recommend someone who can jeopardize their reputation and office relationships.

4. Tap the Power of Social Media

You already live in the 21st century where social media wields so much power. Why not take advantage of that and use it to expand your talent pool? Credible professional online networks are rich with recruitment opportunities. Your real-life colleagues and friends also have online connections that you can tap into.

At the same time, make sure that your company website is up-to-date. It must be brimming with attractive but relevant content. Captivate candidate attention with reasons why your company is a thriving environment for like-minded individuals who seek to grow and achieve success.

Post engaging content on your social media sites as well. Provide informative, helpful, inspiring, and entertaining content that will allow interaction with prospective candidates. Hook like-minded individuals with magnetic organizational content.

5. Open Up to Video Applications

If you are one of the more modern-thinking recruiters, then you would most likely welcome video applications. This method is an unconventional, but still an effective tool for jobseekers to present themselves in the most entertaining and informative manner. Similarly, you can already pre-screen them and see how they conduct themselves on camera, assess their communication and presentation skills, and compare them at your own leisure with other potential candidates.

This is a time and resource-saving tool that allows you to broaden your talent search regardless of where they are in the world, giving you access to a variety of unique personalities and capabilities that can be what you are looking for, for your organization.

A Time for Change

Changing times will also require changing ways. It may be a partial tweaking of your current hiring process or a complete makeover of your established recruitment rules. When you want to roll with the times, you also need to adapt and see where you can improve in certain areas.

It’s a different world and as a responsible recruitment executive, you need to know what works to be able to effectively source outstanding talent and match them to the best company that can nurture their talents and abilities.

True, this tech-dense world will mean that you will have to use high-tech tools that can make your recruitment life easier and more convenient. However, even in a hyperconnected world, you will still need to infuse that warm human touch to effectively communicate and create lasting human relationships.

Photo credit: HR recruitment concept from Alexander Supertramp/Shutterstock