By David Miller

Project management is the essential requirement of any successful and responsible business in the modern age of technology. The reality is that project managers have a lot of responsibilities, which can become overwhelming at times. Therefore, they seek a helping hand in one of many software management tools to organize the workflow accordingly and efficiently.

However, since there are various programs to choose from, it is crucial to select the best choice for the business requirements. Therefore, there are five important features every project management software company should consider implementing into their future strategy.

1. Available Customization

Considering that every establishment, employee, and project differs, quality software must have available customizing properties to cater their style and working process. The ability to alter features and adjust software according to the business needs drastically improves the efficiency, as it allows you to set clear objectives and productively work on them.

Through implemented changes, managers can easily define and divide roles, ensure contractors have the proper access, and provide a team access to their timesheets.

2. Planning and Execution

One of the integral parts of business growth is project planning and following a schedule. The reason why one-third of projects fail is exactly due to insufficient attention to employee-manager communication. From there on, the mistakes only keep rising, as managers expect that the plan begins with a schedule.

When trying to manage a team, one has to outline and clearly present everyone’s tasks and responsibilities. This is where the power of project planning software provides great assistance by enabling supervisors to assign tasks, deadlines, and set priorities. In addition, the program will automatically notify the parties involved each time the task is completed or due soon.

3. Team Collaboration and Sharing

Projects often require a large group of people to work together to methodically complete assignments. This means that they need to have established channels of communication to quickly complement each other’s work.

An additional feature that helps improve communication, and is found in some of the best software tools, is file sharing. The file sharing option allows the team members to insert information into the system, and share calendars and contact lists. With the quick access they are granted, each member can easily see what they need and provide valuable info to other teammates. Some systems have a built-in messenger app to ensure a smooth communication flow in real-time.

4. Reporting

To manage projects with a high success rate, the business has to be aware of its shortcomings and detect issues in order to find the perfect solutions. Hence, the reports provide a thorough overview and an insight into the operational flaws.

Project management software should include reporting tools that collect project data and allow the creation of customizable reports. This applies to expenses reports, project budget, completed tasks, and individual performance of team members. Moreover, one can also create new reports at any time with the option to choose the parameters and categories they want to include. The most efficient way to get to these results is by creating a project dashboard which automatically updates the information in a timely manner. A good example of a free tool with flexible reporting based on tracked time is Tracklify – an automated agile time tracker.

5. Security & Mobility

Regarding security, the management system should offer assurance that confidential data will remain exactly that – confidential. This  applies to cloud security, as well as policies and terms of use which must be obliged by both the team members and the software provider.

Cloud storage is a great tool that allows you to keep all your data safely in one place, accessible only to those with the proper authorization, as the files are encrypted. Therefore, the one with the highest security clearance and the capacity to allow others to join, can update the members or send report files to stakeholders.

The priority should be on quick action and real-time updates for a better cooperation, while saving time that can be used to focus on the core business operations. Thus, the software should be optimized for smartphones. By doing so, you will dramatically improve the communication with your remote teams. Members will immediately get the updates on the go and be able to respond instantly on the project development. Also, this feature can provide a greater overview of the staff’s progress and allow you to assess the potential dangers faster.

Project management software is the key for business success. A system packed with such useful tools covers all the basics of successful corporate operations.