By Dita Sisene

We live in an age where, in order to flourish in the world of business, having a well-established online presence is vital for an individual or a company. As people spend increasingly more time on the web, and use it as their main tool for finding and analyzing information, it is the best medium for advertising.

One of the most prominent practices of online promotion is PPC (pay-per-click) advertising — a marketing model in which you run your ads and boost their visibility by bidding on keywords associated with your product, and pay only when your ad is clicked. The CPC (cost-per-click) varies depending on the popularity of the keyword, so the campaign has to be well thought-out and the keywords must be constantly researched and optimized. However, great work produces great spoils, so here are just a couple of major benefits one’s business can gain from a successful PPC campaign.

Fast and Easily Measurable Results

With PPC it is possible to quickly reach your target audience and familiarize them with your products or services. This can even be accomplished indirectly, for traffic generated from a PPC campaign will also increase the popularity of your page in organic search results, which is a long-term benefit for your business. Therefore, very quickly your brand can gain recognition and reach its potential clients, which, if the campaign is properly set up from the get-go, will result in instant traffic and conversions.

Furthermore, all the big advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Advertising, have tools that allow one to measure the success of their PPC campaign. Constantly being able to follow the costs of keywords, clicks, conversions, profits, and other data, allows for setting reasonable targets that correspond with your budget. For example, it is possible to set a certain sum you are willing to pay daily, and once the limit is reached, the ad will stop running. This allows you to decrease the many risks of unnecessary overspending. Additionally, by analyzing the results, it is possible to tell how to proceed — whether the campaign should be temporarily stopped and improved or rather advanced to a larger scale. The answer is in the numbers.

Reach Out to the Right People

Another splendid thing about PPC advertising is that it can be aimed at the people who would be most likely to engage in your ad, click it, and respond to your call to action (which, usually means that they purchase the product, subscribe to your page, etc.). Aside from choosing the associated keywords and where on the page the ad will be displayed, it is also possible to determine the appearance of an ad based on the user’s device, location, time of day when the query is made, and other factors.

This point goes hand-in-hand with the remarketing feature. If your business implements remarketing ads, they will be shown to users who have once visited your website and then left. The idea is that the person might not have had time or resources to consider your product at a certain time in the past, but in the future and in different circumstances they would want to return and respond to the call to action; that is, they did visit your page in the first place because of an interest in your offer. Essentially, what matters is not only reaching your audience, but also making sure it remembers you and eventually returns — a good example of long-term thinking and its benefits to your business.

General Boost in Visibility

This point is especially important for small, new, or local businesses. When the competition is tough, it can be difficult to climb to the top of organic search results, which in search engines usually means just the 7 to 10 spots on the very first page. However, with PPC ads that can be amended and your business can be showcased on the very first page. Moreover, due to the unique position of PPC ads (above, below, or next to organic results) they are bound to stand out more. As mentioned before, this will both increase your revenue stream and build up the popularity and visibility of your page for the future.

When it comes to local businesses, one can always target users based on their country, region, city, or even zip code. The proximity often matters greatly to the customer, and it may be the deciding factor for a conversion to be made, beating such determinants as price or brand recognition.

In summary, the main thing a company must manage to do is to stay afloat in the vast sea of search results; as it goes, PPC marketing can both help you get started in this endeavor, as well as bring benefits for the further development of your business.