Winning an election requires more than having excellent qualifications and the right platform. Candidates must be able to stand out and have voters recognize them for their outstanding qualities. Otherwise, they will not be inclined to listen, let alone vote in the candidate’s favor. When it comes to spreading awareness in the early campaign cycle, every political strategist knows the value of promotional products to get the word out. These items also serve as a small token of appreciation for supporters during the official campaign period. More importantly, campaign giveaways can help make people excited about going to the polls and vote for their favored candidate.

That said, it is practically impossible to run a powerful campaign without political promotional items. Whether you are a campaign manager or a big supporter of a local or national candidate, you need to think beyond the usual buttons and bumper stickers if you want to get ahead of the competition. Although these items are classic and necessary, it will help if you consider other unique political promotional products that will make your candidate stand out. If you are looking for ideas, here are six political campaign giveaway items that will surely make an impact.

Shot Glasses

Your candidate can campaign and meet people anywhere, including bars and parties. So, apart from handing out flyers containing information about their qualifications and plans, you may want to consider giving away something that will genuinely excite the crowd, like custom shot glasses with your candidate’s logo. Try leaving a few of these shot glasses in the establishments. That way, more customers can see them and start a conversation about your candidate and the elections. You may also include a witty message on the shot glasses to make them more memorable. Something like, “Give me a shot as Governor” or your candidate’s campaign slogan.

Reusable Water Bottles

Because promotional items should help spread positive awareness about your candidate, custom reusable water bottles are a must-have for an effective campaign. For one, handing them out during your rallies will satisfy the thirst of your staff, supporters, and everyone who will attend. Secondly, your candidate will get the nod of environmental groups and eco-conscious voters who are working to reduce waste and protect the planet.

More importantly, your candidate can get a lot of mileage and exposure since people can use them repeatedly and bring them wherever they go. Given their importance, be sure to engrave your candidate’s logo or slogan in an aesthetically pleasing way. Also, look for high-quality and easy-to-maintain portable water bottles so that people will be inclined to use them every day.


Customized journals are great promotional giveaways for political campaign events. They are functional, versatile, and appealing to a broad audience—whether young or old. After all, many enjoy writing their thoughts or plans down on paper. Unlike ordinary notebooks or pads, journals are regarded as more valuable, which means people will undoubtedly be impressed if you hand them out. Make sure that your journals are made of high-quality material, compact, and pleasing to the eye. Remember to keep your design classy, even if you have the name of your candidate printed on them. That way, your candidate will create a positive lasting impression.

Reusable Bags

If you only have a budget for a limited number of promotional items, you can never go wrong with adding reusable tote bags to your list. First and foremost, they offer enough space to display your candidate’s message or logo. Secondly, you can readily customize them to fit your brand and campaign goals. And more importantly, there is a significant chance that people will use your promotional tote bags in their daily activities and show them to the people they meet. Essentially, your candidate’s message and name will be visible as the recipients take the bags to the supermarket, library, gym, and many other places in the area.


Umbrellas are political campaign giveaways that are always a hit with the crowd. Customize them in a way that showcases your candidate’s logo or message prominently on the surface of the umbrella. Distribute them during your outdoor engagements, especially when it is raining so that everyone in your campaign event will use them at the same time. Imagine the visual impact of having a sea of umbrellas bearing your candidate’s name in your political rallies. Give people reasons to use and flaunt your candidate’s umbrella repeatedly by ensuring that your promotional umbrellas are much better than ordinary ones. Perhaps you can opt for pieces with a stormproof canopy or folding variety.


PopSockets are circular removable mobile phone grips or holders. They help users control their devices better when they are taking selfies, watching videos, or texting. Because practically all voters have mobile devices with them at all times, PopSockets make excellent political campaign giveaways. All you need to do is print your candidate’s logo on these accessories. That way, more people will see your campaign logo every time your supporters use their devices.

The giveaway ideas discussed above are some of the most impactful items for political campaigns. Make sure to customize them according to your candidate’s brand and color to make them more recognizable. Hand them out during your events to get people excited about your candidate and vote for them in the upcoming elections.