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    AJ & Small Business Bonfire

    After scaling his business to a multiple seven-figure exit, AJ acquired Small Business Bonfire. The mission? To give other budding entrepreneurs all the lessons he’s learned over his last decade in business. Think of SBB as a field guide for entrepreneurs, packed with heaps of resources he wished he’d had when he started scaling his first business. Welcome, to Small Business Bonfire.

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    “AJ Get’s it! He’s seen both the highs and lows of operating a business. This is the type of person I trust and want to learn from in building my own businesses.”

    Ernest Grumbles

    “The Bonfire Field Guide and SBB articles are my go-to resource for current and relevant business advice. Thank you, AJ!”

    Martha McCarthy

    “Thanks to Small Business Bonfire, I’ve been able to level up my operations. This has not only improved the efficiency of my business but also freed up more time for me to focus on growing my company.”

    Reelika Huebner

    “AJ’s weekly newsletters are like a breath of fresh air. They’re not just packed with insightful information; they’re also incredibly easy to read and, most importantly, actionable.”

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    SBB Software Reviews

    After Reviewing Hundreds of Software Applications, Here Are Our Top CRM Picks!

    Featured Resource

    Position Agreement

    Simplify the hiring process with this position agreement.

    Position Agreement
    Position Agreement - ConvertKit

    Featured Resource

    SOP Outline

    This is the most game-changing automation tech I’ve got.

    SOP Outline
    Position Agreement - ConvertKit