By Amy Watson

Printing has always been a lucrative business since the advent of it. Human beings have always had an insatiable appetite for information. With digital printing solutions such as online printing business software, it has become even easier for small startups to launch local businesses and grow their business exponentially on a global scale. A lot of money in the printing business is in the print on demand jobs which are required by millions of customers across the globe. Here are some online printing business ideas that you can start locally, even from your place.

1. T-Shirts

This is one of the most popular, easiest and simplest online printing businesses that you can start if you have good online printing business software. T-shirts are popular all over the world. They are a gem for those who love casual wear and worn universally by both men and women. If you are a good entrepreneur with great online printing business software and an eye for some unique designs, you can establish your own unique store and begin selling your unique branded t-shirt prints at very good margins. There is already very stiff competition on the t-shirt print on demand niche so what will differentiate your service is your premium quality, reliability and the uniqueness of your prints. Come up with something totally unique and which defies the conventional a little bit and you will be on your way to rake in the dollars from your online t-shirt sales.

2. Training Manuals

People have an incessant need to learn something new. Most business owners do not have much time to design, organize and print training manuals for staff training and other forms of training that the business engages in. They would prefer to streamline the process by outsourcing the work to a click-to-print solution that can manage all their printing requirements in the most efficient way. This is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur with versatile online printing business software to capitalize on this and print and update the business manuals on a regular basis. Entrepreneurs can focus on this niche and market their unique manual printing services to businesses, institutions of learning and training institutions.

3. Business Branding

In the era of digital branding, businesses simply want to choose click to print solutions for their business branding needs. You can offer an online printing solution that specializes in printing branding materials including brochures, pamphlets, business profiles, etc. It helps if you have the right artistic skills for accomplishing this job.


4. Online Self-Publishing Business

This is another unique opportunity that can make you a lot of money. Many authors are now opting for the self-publishing option in order to maximize revenue. You can offer an online click-to-print solution that caters for self-publishers. This can involve acquiring content and then formatting it professionally into book specifications. After the formatting is done, you can print it out professionally using good online printing business software. There is some established print on demand services such as CafePress but you can always curve out your niche.

5. Wallpaper

The best wallpapers are not available everywhere in the world. If you have great online printing business software, you can also specialize in professional wallpaper printing services where users can submit their designs and preferred dimensions and you can offer them professional on demand printing, packaging and shipping service. If well marketed to your prospects, this can be a very lucrative business. Prospects can include home owners and interior designers amongst others who need unique designs that they are not able to easily find locally.

6. Postcards

Another business that you can run successfully locally is customized postcard printing business. Postcards were once quite popular but in the recent years, that popularity has been on a nosedive thanks to many other digital forms of sending personalized messages and beautiful photos. However, there is still a small niche market that loves the postcards as it once was. If you are good with photography or design, then postcard printing business is one niche where you could run a successful print on demand business.

7. Business Cards

This is an area where the competition is quite stiff online. However, in every market, there is always room for more competition. If you can offer your end users a personalized service including high-quality beautiful customized designs for business cards, then you can take the plunge too into this business.

These are some of the high-prospect areas where you can specialize in, but there are numerous other online printing businesses that you can specialize in such as travel guides, printing paper art, recipes, etc. You just have to identify a suitable niche in which you could deliver an excellent service, choose a suitable software package and then plunge right in.