One of the simplest ways to get job opportunities and grow your small business is to maintain a good network of contacts. Also called networking, it is possible to create, maintain and expand the network of contacts even on the internet. So, if you want to know how to start online networking, here are some practical tips to help.

Why Online Networking Is Important

Most people know the importance of having a professional network. However, if you still don’t know the benefits that this can bring to your career, know that networking makes it possible to find good business or work opportunities, among many other possibilities.

However, what few know is that it is possible to network online. In fact, maintaining the network of contacts also on the internet is a great strategy to expand opportunities in your professional career. Therefore, online networking allows you to create a contact network over the internet, easily exchange information, chat with contacts and expand this network without needing the conventional practices that require meetings and meetings.

How to Start Online Networking

Online networking is very simple. However, if you are looking for tips on how to network online, here are three tips that will help you create or maintain your network using the internet.

1. Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage

LinkedIn is the best social network to build a good network of contacts. In it you can add people you have worked with, include your professional experiences, inform your professional training, among other possibilities. From this social network, it is also possible to send a message and provide your contact details. This makes it much easier to find you on the internet and share your profile with others.

However, it is always important to remember to keep your profile up to date. More important than having a LinkedIn account is keeping it active, with posts and communication between your network of contacts.

2. Use Other Social Networks

In addition to LinkedIn, you need to have profiles on other social networks, especially those that allow you to publicize your work. For example, if you work with photography, architecture, interior design and other areas that allow you to record beautiful images, it is interesting to use Instagram as a portfolio, for example.

Now, if you have a lifestyle blog for women, you must have a Facebook profile to post your content. These are examples of how to keep a profile updated with your work. Through these profiles, you can meet several people interested in working with you.

3. Maintain Frequent Contact with People

It is useless to have several work contacts in your profile if you do not talk frequently with these people. You can only maintain good networking if you talk to your contacts frequently. Fortunately, the internet makes it possible to do this easily, and it can be through messaging applications like WhatsApp, Messenger and even video calls.

Regardless of how you choose to be in contact with these people, don’t leave your contacts without news from you. This will ensure that you always have job opportunities and opportunities to promote and grow your business.