To have an optimized online presence, you need to understand and implement tactics to keep visitors on your website. There are millions of active websites, and the number is constantly increasing. Website owners need to seek new ways to attract more audience to their platform. Many people believe that creating a website is a tedious process. But in reality, the most difficult part is to keep driving the audience to your domain. And it is not only about gaining a new audience but also maintaining regular viewers. These regular visitors will determine the actual strength of your website. Today, we will disclose some proven ways to keep visitors on your website.

1. Use Advertising

Advertising is a simple method that will act as an overview of your website. You can apply all the important aspects of the webpage in a particular poster or a video clip to enhance the overall scenario. Moreover, some platforms provide paid viewing to your website if the content is good enough. It is a great way to get views in the initial days of launching your website.

2. Create Quality Content

As mentioned earlier, it is important to keep viewers busy with your content. Make sure that you follow strict guidelines to produce some quality content. Quantity is never preferred more than the quality of the articles or blogs. Urge visitors to wait for the next part as it will keep them engaged with your website. Don’t put unnecessary information in the blogs and stick to the key topic.

3. Record YouTube Tutorials

YouTube is one of the most-watched video platforms on the internet that offers video clips without charging any fee. You can create short tutorial on YouTubes that will drive more traffic to your website. Also, it will be a great source of advertisement for your website. You can gather many views by linking the content source to the description of your video. Apart from this, comment about your website on videos uploaded on other channels.

Linking your content with various other sources can prove to be an effective measure. This refers to providing backlinks to different web pages that can share the audience between both the content. Internal Linking means providing URLs of the content of the same website. External linking refers to providing URLs of some other website with the same genre. It is more effective as it will boost the viewing of both the websites.

5. Provide Quora Answers

Quora has seen quite a big spike in terms of its usage over the past few years. Everyone seems to be looking for answers to their queries on this platform. If you are handling an informative blog, Quora will help you in get new traffic and keep visitors on your website. It is recommended to answer several questions posed by the Quora users on the website. Moreover, support your answer with a similar blog and create a backlink to your website. Avoid spamming text and be specific while writing the answers.

6. Use Social Media

There is no doubt that social media helps you establish strong public connections. Nothing could be better than posting your website content on applications like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, etc. It will help you in driving large traffic to your webpages and gain more views. Following social media pages and tagging influencers in your post can also be effective.

7. Conduct Interviews

Viewers prefer to hear it from their role models rather than reading the content created by a genuine writer. Several people have a better grasp of market trends. You can plan and conduct a short interview with them to publish their thought process. It will not only gain more visitors but also act as a source of inspiration for young minds. Your viewers will start recommending the website to their friends as well.

8. Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords are the special words or sentences that have a huge impact on getting and keeping visitors on your website. Effective use of keywords will enhance the overall SEO score of your webpage. Ensure that the keywords are well mixed with the content along with their correct usage. Moreover, avoid using hard or less popular keywords as it can backfire on your mission.

9. Specify Your Target Audience

You can’t be successful in the blogging profession until you are sure about your target audience. Make sure you fulfill the demands made by the viewers. If you feel that a certain topic is gaining more attention, try to post more blogs related to it. This will save you a lot of time and energy while gathering significant traffic to the webpage. Also, ask your viewers to comment on their opinion on the blog post itself. The more you understand your viewers, the more effective strategies you can build.

10. Create Surveys and Contests

Conducting short surveys will indulge the audience in more practical events on the website. The readers will feel that you are concerned about their point of view. Publish the results of the surveys and assure that you will pass down the stats to further authorities. Apart from this, run frequent contests to test the knowledge about a particular topic. Offer some privileges to the winners, and eventually, it will attract more visitors to the website.

11. Know Your Competition

Keep a regular check of the websites that can provide tough competition to your content. Make sure that any latest news should be live on your website before theirs. It will also put your forward in the SEO score initiated by the search engines. Your content should be more interesting and creative to win these small races.

12. Allow Guest Blogging

This technique might seem to be outdated, but it is still quite effective. Guest blogging refers to asking your viewer to put forward their perspective regarding a certain topic. After collecting sufficient content, you can publish them after proper editing. This will enforce the trust of the viewers as they will feel important. Moreover, it can act as a base for your future uploads on the website.

13. Optimize Your Content With LSI Keywords

Along with keywords, Google enjoys understanding topics now. To let Google understand your topic, LSI keywords play the most crucial role. These keywords are actually words and phrases related to your primary keyword. LSI Graph is one such tool that will help you find LSI keywords related to your topic.

14. Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic Sources

It will be highly productive for your site if you are aware of the traffic sources of your competitors. You can know the traffic sources of your competitors via tools like SimilarWeb. It will not only show an overview of a site’s traffic as well as exact info of their site visitors.

15. Reduce Your Bounce Rate

With a high bounce rate of a site, SEO, page views, and conversions of a site might damage. It is also one of the most important ranking signals. For reducing bounce rate, site-owners should optimize page-load time, make content more accessible via smart formatting, use sidebar widgets, and promotions sparingly.

You should optimize your site for relevance, plus adding single and clear CTA is also effective in this. It is also important to incorporate a logical and useful internal linking structure. Your site should also be easy to search. To keep visitors on your website, it should also be optimized for mobile, plus your site’s navigation should be effortless.