Everyone knows Instagram is an entirely visual network so that you can share your photos, videos, GIFs, emojis to your families, friends, and others. More industries and businesses are joining every day, and you can easily target or retarget your audience. Instagram is great for getting to know your customers before engaging with them; you can use Instagram for many things, including leveraging user-generated content. But Instagram can be made infinitely more useful if you dig into the data; this is where Instagram analytics tools come into play.

Instagram analytics tools can help you analyze followers’ location, age, what content they like, and what they are following. With these tools, you can start to understand what resonated with your targeted audiences, and explore how to optimize your content. Here is a look at six tools to consider for your Instagram marketing plans.

1. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a native tool in Instagram; it is easy to understand, and it shows you how your content is performing. You can collect your audience demographics, when they come online, what they are clicking and what they like. This insights tool finds how people get to your posts and gives information about them. With the tool, you can see the number of likes, reach, and impressions for your posts. To access Instagram Insights’ features, you need to open an Instagram business account, tying your profile to the business page.

2. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite is a social media scheduling tool that has an analytics component. You can compare Instagram post metrics to get historical data and can see customers’ reports when you use this tool. Hootsuite supports every major social media platform, and you can collect all data from one place, not only Instagram. It allows you to easily understand what you can improve and what’s going on with your content performance.

3. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is another social media tool that is great marketing to find out who is following you back, schedule content, and get valuable data. Once you use this tool to get insights on Instagram stories, you will understand how exactly your stories are performing. It also offers social media management and scheduling tools, although it only supports Facebook and Instagram account profiles.

4. SquareLovin 

SquareLovin is a wonderful Instagram analytics tool. It can display metrics of your recent posts, log broken posts, and show your engagement. For example, when you post photos, this tool compares them and shows the top performing; you can also see your best and worst times to post. If you’re looking for time-of-day data in particular, SquareLovin is a great option.

5. Keyhole

Keyhole is a conversion tracking tool and especially helpful in tracking recent/popular and branded hashtags and keywords. It will give you daily reports, real-time feedback from your customers, and very specific results for hashtags and keywords. You can see what’s trending and automatically track your competitors’ accounts to determine what they’re doing that is working.

6. HyperAuditor 

The HyperAuditor tool helps you to identify Instagram influencers based on reach, demographics, and followers. This tool will help connect you with influencers; the main benefit of this tool is checking engagement authenticity. HyperAuditor aids in finding engagement growth on each post, and you can check an Influencer to see if they have fake or real followers.

Utilizing the Instagram analytics tools above will help you save time while optimizing your Instagram presence. Give one or two a try and see how what it can do for you.