By Danielle Pepper

Security is of utmost importance to our lives and properties. It is something we should pay strong attention to. This means, we should pay attention to your office properties. Below are seven tested and proven budget-friendly ideas that can improve your office security.

1. Keep Everything Locked and Organized

If you are leaving your office, even if it is for a few minutes, make sure you lock your computer and safeguard your confidential papers from easy reach of children and intruders. Make sure that your office doors are locked, whether you are in or out of the office.

Before you finally leave your office for the day, ensure you clean your desk and dispose every document. Also, make sure you lock your windows, file cabinets and desk drawers.

2. Label Your Office Equipment

Make sure you label your office equipment with ID labels, seals or stickers with your inventory number and logo.

Keep a comprehensive list of all the things in your office, in a visible place (preferably on the office wall), so that you and your co-workers can check at any time to see that everything is in its rightful place.

3. Wear Identity Badges

Ensure all your employees have their names boldly written on their identity badges. More so, office customers or clients should be given guest identity badges. This is a great security measure you can use to your advantage. With it, you can know who is coming or going out of your office premises.

4. Install CCTV Systems

The benefits of CCTV systems are multiple. It serves as a guide for your employees and also a way to catch intruders or criminals in your office.

Installing CCTV systems is one of the easiest and most innovative ways of boosting security in your office. If you want to bolster the security of your office or workplace, make sure you install CCTV in the garage and entrance of your office.

5. Invest in Alarm Systems

The most effective way to enhance the security of your office is by adding alarm systems. The benefit is similar to the installation of CCTV cameras in your workplace.

Installing alarm systems will act as a deterrent, once people noticed the place is armed with alarms, they will be careful how they come in and go out of the place. The beauty of alarm systems is that it will alert authorities if there is any trace of criminal activity, and potential trespassers or thieves will avoid coming to your office.

6. Keep Your Passwords Private

Ensure your identity badges, keys, computer passwords, and keycards are secure or safe. You can do this by making sure you don’t give it out to someone you can’t trust. If it is possible for you, ensure you don’t give it out in the first place. There are people you will give it to on trust, and they will abuse the privilege by misusing them.

7. Have an Emergency Plan

If you discover that something is missing in your office while you were away, all you need to do is to call office security immediately. But if your office doesn’t have a security, then call the police immediately to initiate an investigation. Don’t wait too long, because delay could be dangerous.

Office security is essential. Do everything you can to keep your office equipment, building and employees safe from unwanted forces or agents.