Forums are the forerunners of social networks, the first places where the power of the internet is being used to satisfy the basic needs of expression and they remain as such to this day.

I’ve spent time on many forums since young age exploring topics that I was interested in. At first, I was all over the place, spending time on sites with too broad content.

As time was passing and I was getting older, my interests changed and I became more business-oriented and started exploring topics about earning money. I’ve made a commitment to succeed in the business world in the most efficient way by becoming laser-focused on my work.

Since I was spending too much time keeping up with things that didn’t benefit me, I knew I had to decide on my priorities and pick the main place to help me achieve my goal.

Early in my professional carrier, I started building affiliate websites and had no success. Fails I was making made me more and more disappointed and I lost hope that I will ever become successful. This is when I discovered IAmAffiliate online community. Being desperate at that point, I decided to give it a shot and join their members-only group. After joining, I started exploring the site that I got access to as a member.

IAmAffiliate website is structured as a forum. Topics are discussed in their own threads by members who write their replies. You can start your own topics, post replies to any thread, contact other members, read blog posts, and explore materials that are already there.

Mechanically, this website works perfectly. Everything that you would want a forum to have is there and it’s well-organized to help you navigate. From my experience. I find that to be a very helpful thing that people usually don’t consider. In short, this is a well-built website.

The most important and valuable things that the IAmAffiliate forum provides are:

  1. Materials that cover affiliate topics
  2. Topical discussions
  3. Contacts with other members and experienced affiliates
  4. Help and support from the IAmAffiliate team
  • Materials that cover affiliate topics

The main reason why I personally joined the IAmAffiliate group is to explore their library of materials to see if I can find something to help me and teach me how to do affiliate marketing business properly.

Just by the collection and variety of the materials that are available right from the beginning, I would say that this membership was well worth it. I am amazed by how much good stuff is shared on this site.

Keep in mind that the price of membership is already very low for a niche, business, or professional group.

Stuff that you can find includes books, videos, tools, courses, how-tos, plans, guides, testimonials, listed portfolios, motivational speeches, and much more. Again, just this is worth more than the price for all.

  • Topical discussions

The main structure of the site is a forum. This is something that all members can use to share whatever they want and participate in topical discussions. As per usual, this is where questions are asked and answered.

When you are building and managing your business, you will have many questions about how to do something or solve some problem. This is where it can really hurt to be alone to deal with issues. The power of the IAmAffiliate forum is that you can ask a large group of people who are in the same professional space to help you find answers.

Especially when you are new to this business and you are unaware of how much you know or don’t know, or you are not sure if you are doing something right or wrong, you will have a lot of questions. My advice is to not hold back from asking anything that is on your mind at any time.

As a new member, I was reluctant to ask too many questions as I didn’t want to seem ignorant or not serious. But, after talking with some of the members I quickly learned to relax and liberate myself from these thoughts. I started asking lots of questions and every time people were understanding, patient, and professional. This was very helpful to me when I was all stressed out at critical points when I had the biggest struggles with my websites especially.

  • Contacts with other members and experienced affiliates

When you are building any business, it is good to have contacts with people who can help you grow. As a member of the IAmAffiliate site, you become part of a group of affiliate marketing professionals who understand what you are doing and you can easily contact them.

I even found a partner for a few of my projects from contacts that I got from this affiliate group. Also, networking is just so much easier as an IAmAffiliate member. I found a group of people on the forum that I regularly interact with. I feel like nobody understands me better than they do. 

  • Help and support from the IAmAffiliate team

One of the many superpowers of the IAmAffiliate forum is the help and support that you get from their team. As a member, you always have someone on the support team that you can contact about anything. Their response is very quick and reliable.

Some of the people on the IAmAffiliate team are also active members that post replies to many forum discussions. They are very knowledgeable about all aspects of the affiliate marketing business and about ins-and-outs of the forum itself. Also, they never miss being very professional when you need them.


Affiliate marketing changed my life. When I was very young I dreamt of becoming successful in business. But, after struggling and failing too many times I was ready to give up entirely. This is when IAmAffiliate came to rescue my dream and be my go-to place of motivation, help, and support.

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to do affiliate marketing business to give the IAmAffiliate affiliate marketing forum a try. Also you can check some interesting posts at Don’t miss opportunities that help you make more money. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced in this space, you will find benefits from it in every step.