While your Instagram posts are there to win over your target audience, your Instagram bio is in charge of the first impression. When someone comes across your Instagram profile, their eyes will firstly land on the bio. If you make a good impression with your bio, users will be motivated to further engage with your content.

Yes, that small segment below your account name is that important. The fact that many brands tend to overlook the relevance of Instagram bio can go in your favor. Making the most out of your Instagram bio can establish the first step towards customers’ hearts (and ultimately, wallets).  This post will focus on helping you write an impactful Instagram bio. It is going to cover what you should include in your bio, how to write it, and what an Instagram bio should do for your brand. So, let’s begin.

The Purpose of an Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio gives potential shoppers a glimpse of who your brand is. Through Instagram bio, you have the chance to:

  • Showcase your brand’s personality – Instagram bio can help you present your business as a unique brand.
  • Provide users with more information – Instagram is great for putting the spotlight on your products. However, if users want more information, you can provide it by adding a link to your bio (to your website, for example).
  • Present your value proposition – There are over 25 million brand accounts on Instagram, and you have to convince the users that you are worthy of their time. Use Instagram bio to give users a good reason to follow your account.
  • Get users to take action – Instagram bio allows you to give clear directions on what they should do next. That can be to shop your products, download your ebook, subscribe to your emails, etc.

The Components of Instagram Bio

Instagram bio is very concise. With only 150 characters at your disposal, there is only so much you can write. That’s why you should know the essential components that a well-crafted bio should have.

  • The name of your business – User names aren’t always clear enough. Include your brand’s full name to help potential customers find your account.
  • Profile photo – The image you use in your profile photo helps you establish your brand’s identity. The most common profile photo for businesses is their logo.
  • Bio content – Tell users a little bit more about your brand.
  • Website – Link your website to help users get more info on your brand and shop your products.
  • Call-to-action – Allow people to take action straight from your social media account.
  • Contact information – Add your email or phone number if you want to provide users with a chance to get in touch.

How to Write the Best Bio for Your Brand

Writing the perfect Instagram bio demands some thinking and strategy. To maximize the effect of your Instagram bio, consider the following tips.

1. Use Language That Resonates with Your Target Audience

Your brand’s voice should be fitted to your target audience. If you want your target audience to recognize you as a brand that understands their needs, your writing needs to resonate with their likes and interests.

For example, Dollar Shave Club has a short and simple bio with a dose of exclusivity (“Welcome to the Club”). This bio perfectly suits their target audience – men.


2. Add a Branded Hashtag

Spread brand awareness by adding your brand’s hashtag in the bio. That is if you have one. If you don’t, it’s never too late to craft one.

A branded hashtag in the bio can motivate users to be a part of your campaigns. Not to mention that hashtags play a big role in leveraging user-generated content.


3. Add Keywords

In addition to hashtags, keywords are a good tactic for leading the target audience to your profile. For example, Woven and Reveal use keywords like “event planning,” “styling firm,” and “FL, Charleston, Destination” to attract potential customers to their accounts.


4. Provide Social Proof

Do you have any recognition, awards, or mentions that will boost your credibility? If you do, add them in your bio.

Stating that you’ve been named “the business of the year” in your local community can help users trust your brand a little more. Take a look at how Marie Forleo, an entrepreneur, builds her reputation with social proof:


5. Know Your Goals

If you are unsure about your profile’s goal, how do you expect users to help you achieve them? Digital marketers state that setting a goal is the start of every content creation, and Instagram bio is no exception. Define your goals and direct users towards them with a CTA.

Not every business aims to boost sales with its Instagram account. Doritos, for example, uses Instagram to encourage users to join their “Legion of the Bold” initiative with a CTA in the bio.


6. Feel Free to Use Emojis

Emojis shouldn’t be used in every type of content. However, they are more than welcome in your Instagram bio.

Brands often use emojis to make their bio more attractive and engaging. The emojis they add are typically related to the information they provide in that line of text. For example:


Final Thoughts

Your Instagram bio is the best example of how concise content can influence a wide audience. That is if it is well-written. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to exploit the benefits of an amazing Instagram bio. Write a bio that will present your business in the best light possible.