By Abhishek Talreja

Success is the sum total of what you do in your everyday life. It may not be just one goal that you want to achieve. It could be a series of goals or just the process of achieving them that makes it all the more interesting. Keeping yourself positive on a daily, or rather, an hourly basis is never a challenge, until you know you have to do it that often. I mean you got to be telling yourself that you are going to achieve what you wish to, very regularly. You also need to surround yourself with the right people who support you, too. Just give yourself a motivational environment and you will realize that you have completely shed every bit of procrastination that had been troubling you for so long.

Like Mindedness Helps

You may never feel so strongly about being with like-minded people all the time. It may not feel compelling enough and having different views may seem normal. But when you think about this for a minute, things are actually different. Usually, you always tend to find people who think like you at a certain level. It is very natural. But, at times when you are not, you can feel subtle awkwardness at the back of your mind.

You need to network with people who share similar goals and let them be a part of what you are trying to achieve. These people could be from your existing friends, business partners or just acquaintances. Your enthusiasm is built around how often you share your vision with the people around you. It’s how you celebrate small everyday achievements of your life, together.

Realize That People Are Your Strength

The people you interact with every day have a lot of influence on what you do and what you become. They subtly inspire you to think and act the way you do. The right people will always be your strength. They will encourage you to take the right steps in achieving your goals. It’s like you are building this whole world around you, a team that understands you better and takes you to the next level. Your ‘real team’ always celebrates your success, like it’s their own and cheers you up! They want to see you as the winner. If you can feel the presence of such people around you, you have got it just right.

Be Around Positive People

Your success is 90% of how positive you are and that’s what sustains you in the long run. Hard work is definitely important, but the positive energy that you add to your ideas, makes a lot of difference. That positivity could be yours alone, for sure. The words and actions of the people around you make a lot of difference. Know that you are actually among the right set of people if they are the ones who add that extra bit of positivity, when things are not going right. The people who truly matter are the ones who would accept your failures and have you move on and take your next step with the same confidence.

Pull In People You Respect and Admire

Everyone has their own set of values and we tend to respect those who have shared values and beliefs the most. Being around those who you really respect and who inspire you can help you set benchmarks for yourself. This person could be your mentor or an achiever in the same industry. You may not want to be exactly like him/her, but you know this person is really good. Being around such people would help you learn constantly and gather more than what you might imagine.

Help the People Who Matter

There are people who can mentor you and inspire you to grow and these people may not be far away. But, how would you build the right relationships with them? Helping someone is the noblest way to build a relationship. Go out of your way to help or do something valuable for people who matter, and do it without any expectations. This will give you immense satisfaction and add to your inner strength.

Being around people who are always complaining and general unhappy can have a negative impact. But being around those who have solutions or are at least striving to find them can make a huge difference.