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Are you worried that your Instagram account lacks the optimization it needs to become a successful tool for your business? Regardless of how old or new your IG profile is, building social visibility among the right audience pool is crucial for building your brand. Unless the right Instagrammers see your posts, gaining substantial engagement on your IG handle can be a daunting goal. In the present times, Instagram’s role in building digital networks is undeniable. As one of the most popular global social media platforms of the day, its power over digital marketing is phenomenal. More than a billion daily active users log into Instagram. This means that the market you are trying to reach for your business already probably exists on the platform. All you need is the right strategy

This is easier said than done as the sheer size of Instagram users also means that the platform is teeming with your competitors who are vying to attract the same target audience. If you are starting from a visibility count of zero, you especially need a solid brand-building plan. One that will enable you to increase your active follower count and organic engagement on your profile. 

To increase account visibility we must have a little preliminary understanding of the workings of  Instagram’s algorithms.

How do the Algorithms affect Account Visibility on Instagram?

Visibility on Instagram is connected to three essential things:

  1. What is the usual visibility status of your posts on the home feeds of IG users?
  2. Where on the home feed are your posts placed?
  3. How long does it take for your posts to feature as a top post on user home feeds after you hit the publish button?

Social visibility determines the reach and impression your posts get on Instagram. Hence it would help if you aimed to create a high visibility quotient for your account. Instagram uses multiple algorithms to determine where you feature on user feeds, when, and how. One set of algorithms tracks your online behavior regarding who actively engages with your posts, the nature of engagement your posts get, and the time it takes to get attention. Other algorithms monitor the online behavior of those who’ve interacted with your account or keywords associated with your account. In other words, your ability to create a reach and impression for your account is determined by:

  • The accounts you Interact with. Instagram algorithms keep a tab on the accounts that actively follow you and vice versa. It also checks which accounts view your posts but do not contribute any other form of engagement to it. Accounts that communicate through DMs, mentions or tags you and shares/saves your content are likely to see more of your content on their feed. Likewise, followers who are online at the time when you post your content, may get to see your posts first. 
  • Search signals: This refers to how Instagram algorithms are triggered by searches run on your username or handle. You may find yourself ranking high on searches because of your choice of hashtags and keywords too.
  • Instagram surfing time: The time you spend being active on Instagram and the kind of activity you participate in during that period also contributes to what gets featured more on your home feed. 

Thus various algorithms work behind Instagram’s visibility matrix. All of this together ensures that your visibility ranking is different on different IG feeds. Where you feature on IG Stories and IG Explore tab can have a big disparity. Your reach on Reels and IGTV likewise would be determined by how you use these formats of posting in your own IG content strategy. 

What to Pay Attention to for Improving Instagram Visibility: A Checklist

Now that you have a fair idea of what determines Instagram visibility, it is time to tick off the essential prerequisites to creating a great Instagram strategy for enhancing social visibility. Here is what you need:

Research Skills

This goes without saying. The best strategy for any business goal is an informed strategy. You must regularly update yourself on how to make Instagram algorithms favor your account so you can increase your visibility and reach. For this conduct research on:

The online behavior patterns and habits of:

  • Your target audience.
  • Your peers and competitors.
  • Other members of your niche industry.
  • Popular and trending businesses.

This, in effect, means surveying:

  1. What posts find the most reach and impression?
  2. Which hashtags bring maximum traction for your account?
  3. Who interacts most with what type of posts and when?
  4. What additional localized details, if any, work in your favor as you continue brand building?
  5. What is trending?
  6. What type of organized engagement (like contests, polls or giveaways) work best for your IG account?

The benefits of creating promotion posts. This includes researching:

  • The use of third-party purchases of social signals and followers.
  • Creating Instagram ads and promotional posts.
  • Monetizing IG content.
  • Creating shoppable posts.
  • Applying for an Instagram account verification.

The laws behind using Instagram for business. You must further research and keep yourself updated about :

  • Instagram’s terms and policies
  • Your country’s local rules and regulations governing social media business marketing.
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Presentation Skills

You must also be up to date on how to create and present your content on Instagram. The platform was once just a photo posting app, but not anymore. Instagram today offers several inbuilt features to create various types of visual content, including highly interactive posts. You must integrate your business values with the popular forms of presenting information to your target audience. At the same time, you must be able to create visual branding for yourself as a business. Consider experimenting with the different types of posts you can make on Instagram.

Familiarize yourself with the use of add-on features like filters, music, subtitles, fonts, and so on. Instagram lets you build polls, surveys, and video carousels too. Understand each format of the presentation to create engaging content that will set you apart from your peers and draw the attention of the right IG audience to your account. 

People Skills

This is crucial for finding success on Instagram. The platform is intended for social interactions. Hence to find active followers, you must learn to be an active IG user yourself. Some ways to boost your IG account on this front include: 

  • Actively following companies and professionals from your niche. 
  • Consistently interacting with active real time followers by responding to their tags, mentions, comments, and messages.
  • Creating a brand persona for your business.

What Else Can You Do to Strengthen the Visibility of your IG handle?

The following ideas can help you further enhance your IG visibility: 

Operating with a Business Account

Use a business account instead of a general Instagram account if you are using the social media platform for professional growth. When you use an Instagram business account, you can use certain additional features that help create brand presence easier. These include: 

  • Instagram insights and analytics. This will help you evaluate post-performance. You can check the reach, impression, and visibility of each of your posts and take note of:
    • Who are your active followers?
    • What hashtags work best for you?
    • The views you have received without engagement. 
    • What demographic is your audience mainly comprised of.
  • Instagram’s ads and promotions. You can create ads as per your:
    • Budget.
    • Desired landing page for audience traffic direction.
    • Promotion time.
  • Using Instagram for Direct Sales. You can further: 
    • Integrate your IG account with your Facebook marketplace catalog to allow any visitor to shop through your posts;
    • Add CTA buttons to your profile page and sell your services using websites that are currently collaborators with Instagram.

Write a Bio that Creates a Lasting Impression 

First impressions matter. Especially when you have several others competing to gain the trust (and business) from the same target audience, create a bio that leaves a lasting impact on any visitor. Your profile page should be complete, and SEO optimized so it can be picked up by search engines, both within and outside Instagram. Make your profile stand out by paying attention to the following: 

  • Profile picture: Use a profile picture that others can visually identify with your brand. You can choose to reinforce it by using the same profile photo across all social media sites you are active on. An easily recognizable profile photo helps in creating brand recognition and boosting your visibility rates. Even if you are starting with zero followers on Instagram, IG users familiar with your business on other social sites are sure to find you and engage with you based on the image you use as your profile photo. Use a recognizable image like your company logo or product. Ensure the picture you use is clear, has good lighting, and is easy to associate with your business and username. 
  • URL: You can change this as frequently as required. Hence provide a working landing page that suits the needs of your IG marketing strategy. You can provide an active hyperlink to your official website, an e-trading site where you sell your merchandise, a review, a survey, or a link to your handle on another social media platform. Provide a landing page you wish to direct audience traffic to. 
  • Description: Use unique yet keyword-enriched words to make your bio. Make it as SEO friendly as you can. 
  • Contact Information: Ensure all your contact information is up to date and functional. Provide an email or address you are most available for business purposes. Be prompt and courteous in responding to any engagement that comes through these channels to build trust and visibility for your business.
  • CTA: This may not be available in your country yet, but if it is, adding a direct call-to-action button that lets your visitors purchase l services through a third party is a big plus. Not only does this increase your chances of visibility, but it also increases your chances of generating revenue directly through your profile. 

Explore all Instagram Features

Use all formats of content posting and play around with the inbuilt content enhancement tools to figure out what increases your audience’s reach the most. Experiment and explore what helps you make the most captivating posts. Use the interactive features available for Stories, Reels, IGTV, Live videos, and regular posts to optimize your IG content. 

In addition, experiment with different times of posting and promoting your content. Learn from your posting history and create content that will make casual surfers pause at your post as they scroll down their Instagram feed. 


Incorporate an influencer marketing strategy into your plans. You can also collaborate with like-minded professionals from your niche to create and promote content. Content published  jointly is accessible to the audience pool of your fellow collaborators as well as yours. This significantly increases your visibility and reach. The use of influencers also helps you strengthen brand credibility .

Create a Posting Schedule

Observe the patterns in Instagram usage in your target audience.  Organize a posting schedule keeping this in mind. Create anticipation by being consistent in your posting schedule.Use tools for auto-scheduling if necessary. When you are coming up with new content, create curiosity by releasing announcements and teasers. 

Be Socially Active

Create functional relationships with other IG users if you wish to build real-time interactions on your posts. Instagram is an excellent place for making visibility based on reciprocal engagement. Aim for healthy and organic interactions with the right pool of OG users. Connect with members of your target audience like your possible clients, potential customers, and your industry peers. When you interact with other IG users, be civil, approachable, and insightful. Try to build a quick response rate and promptly reply to queries and comments. Consider using generic auto-responses when you are unable to reciprocate to your DMs or comments manually. 

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Create Quality Consistency 

The one sure power tool for gaining real engagement is the quality of your content. No matter what marketing strategies you employ, if your audience finds your content sub-standard and unorganized, they will gradually stop following your activities. If you want an organic increase in your impression and reach, pay attention to quality consistency. High-quality content will push your visitors to become returning visitors and active followers of your account. Placing importance on your post quality will bring long-term benefits to your account. 


Now that you know how to generate social visibility on Instagram, do not be disappointed at starting from ground zero for your account. The right social marketing strategy can surely enable you to build yourself a fabulous brand presence. Keep your focus on the micro goals you set for yourself and give your account the optimization to put you at par or above your competitors. It’s all about how you plan and sustain your Instagram marketing practices. Keep yourself updated with the ever-changing trends and best business marketing techniques on the platform, and you will create a solid strategy to improve your visibility. Remember to focus on gaining organic growth without violating any rules and policies. Above all, never compromise on the quality of your content. If you concentrate on building yourself up as an authentic and reliable business m, you will surely see an organic growth in your target audience picking up.