By Princess Jones

Facebook has become an important player in business visibility. Current and potential customers are using the social media platform to find businesses, soliciting recommendations, and make contact.

As a service to its users, Facebook offers a “Very Responsive to Messages” badge on Facebook business pages. Having the Facebook Fast Response badge encourages customers to make contact through your Facebook page and tells them that you care about keeping the lines of communication open. If you don’t have a badge yet, you should consider stepping up your message game to get one.

Facebook Requirements

To get the badge, you really just need to respond to 90 percent of your messages on an average of 15 minutes over a week. Since it’s an average, if you get the badge and then take a long time to answer a couple messages next month, you’ll lose it.

And it’s not just reading the messages. You have to respond to them. (It counts if you mark them as SPAM, though.) It also doesn’t count after the initial message — so if you and a customer are having a long message back and forth, Facebook is only interested in the timing of your initial response.

There are a couple of ways you can keep on top of your Facebook page’s message. If you use the Facebook Page Manager App or allow Facebook to ding your personal notifications, you’ll get real time mobile notifications. You can also share the duties with someone else from your team, making sure that no message goes unanswered.

The Quick and Easy Way

If you just keep on top of your Facebook page messages, you can earn the badge in a short time. (The actually amount of time depends on the frequency of your messages.) But if you’re impatient, you can get it a little faster.

Just ask your friends to message your page and then respond to each message in quick succession. Don’t ask anyone who is an admin for your page because that just won’t work. And remember it’s the first initial response time that counts, so you only need one message from each one to make it work.

How many friends you need to do this with depends on what your current average response time is. If you’ve only had a couple of message ever, you’ll need less than if you’ve had a ton but your response time has been lacking. You’ll know you’re done when you see the badge appear on your Facebook page.