Instagram has been ruling in the world of social media for the past decade thanks to its easy-to-use features. On one hand, businesses have to resort to online platforms and social media to survive, especially after the pandemic phenomenon of COVID-19. On the other, the long lockdown has made people spend hours and hours on Instagram and other entertaining online media. So, it is not surprising that businesses are now looking for new marketing strategies and often expert freelance Instagram marketers to grow their accounts; they want to improve their business operations.

Why Become a Freelance Instagram Marketer?

Depending on how fed up you are with working for others, and how willing you are to get rid of typical 9 to 5 office works, you can choose to be a freelance Instagram marketer. You can simply work while having pleasant sips to your coffee in a bar or cafe, sitting on your sofa at home, chilling on the beach, and making money. It is not that easy though, and it needs a lot of effort and endeavor. If you have already worked in the field of Instagram marketing, you are one step ahead. However, if you are interested in starting to work, the first thing you should do is to learn Instagram marketing tips and strategies. In both cases, patience should be your top priority since any freelance jobs need time to be fruitful. 

What Does a Freelance Instagram Marketer Do?

A freelance Instagram marketer is a social media expert with digital marketing skills who works independently. The job can be defined as managing the Instagram accounts of businesses strategically. So, you need to attract the attention of businesses and assure them about your Instagram marketing skills. You must be a hard work researcher, creative content producer and designer, online behavior analyst, and responsible. 

What Skills Do You Need?

Here is a look at some of the most important skills you will need to excel as an Instagram marketer.

1. Time Management

First, you should improve your time management skills. When you are a freelancer and you are not in a working environment, you might be distracted by anything. So, you may lose track of time and end up with loads of unfinished tasks or a bunch of boring content. Timing in Instagram marketing is extremely important. Posts and related hashtags must be ready in advance as posting regularly is an important factor in the growth of the account.

2. Research

Being a good researcher is important in marketing in general. When it comes to technology and being updated all the time, the task of research gets even more crucial. Rivals should be investigated and the types of content they share every day must be analyzed carefully. Influencers of the industry should be shortlisted and tracked all the time as well. 

3. Creativity

Obviously, a vibrant and creative graphic design would impress the aesthetic sense of your followers. However, creativity should not be limited to design. You have to have creative ideas for contests, games, live subjects, and other ways of growing the business. 

4. Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An Instagram marketer without copywriting and content marketing skills is like a desk with four legs: it collapses. Instagram is a visual application but the importance of proper captions and the choice of hashtags have an undeniable role in the engagement of followers and the growth of the page. So, a huge proportion of the success of your page depends both on your written content and helping the audience find them.

5. Online Behavior Management

Careful analysis of Instagram analytics needs skill and expertise. An Instagram marketer should not only make this analysis but also use the analytics in their following strategies. This skill helps marketers a lot when interacting directly with the followers, e.g. in DM messages, comments, etc. 

How Much Does a Freelance Instagram Marketer Make?

Let’s say it depends on skills and experience, and like any other job, it can fluctuate greatly. To give you a rough idea, the rate for Instagram and other social media management generally starts around $15 per hour, but can exceed $100/hour with years of experience.

So, What Now?

Once you’re ready to take the plunge, here are some steps you should follow.

1. Improve Your Skills

If you lack any of the above-mentioned skills, you should immediately learn them in no time. Keeping yourself updated can be what differentiates you from others. You can take part in online courses which are efficient and free. In case of improving your skills, you can follow the guide of successful Instagram marketers or still stick to professional online courses.

2. Learn Each and Every Instagram Feature

Try to practice each of the features of Instagram through your account. Moreover, search for others and see how they have used these features. Each function matters. As Instagram is a perfect networking tool, all you need to do is to find the people in your industry through hashtags. By searching a definite hashtag, you will access a large community of users, influencers, and colleagues in your industry. 

3. Build Your Personal Website/Online Presence (Branding)

A website or an account on Instagram or other social media for a freelancer is the professional showcase of their work. Add your skills, portfolios, sample works, previous collaborations, and their results, reviews, and any other things that you think are necessary. It would be a window to your shop so it needs careful and strategic decoration. Make your own brand and do what it takes to grow it. Promote the content of your personal website or page to attract as many clients as possible and always remember to be positive. Base your policy on being creative, fun, and personal. The combination will have double effects. 

4. Decide How Much to Charge

It totally depends on you and the value of your expertise. However, as you are a beginner, it is better if you choose low rates. It helps you enter the world of freelancers and gain clients although you are not experienced. Plus, the first rule of economics is that demand goes up if the price is low so this strategy might be risky but effective in the long run.

5. Find Clients

After developing your work experience and samples, it is time to find clients on Instagram. Among the millions of users on Instagram, there is enough hope that you will find your clients at some point in time. You should be persistently searching hashtags to find your desired clients and trying to attract their attention by positive activity on their performance instead of spam activity in DM.

Remember that you should find those accounts that are not already hitting Instagram. If it took longer for them to show a reaction, a professional alternative way is to send them an email and offer your service. If you could not find their email address in their bio, a Google search may be a clue. Moreover, do not forget to be as active as possible in your other social media and introduce your business to everyone, including your friends. The last remark, when you finally found your client, ask them to leave a review on your website. It would be a credit to you and will make finding your next client easier. 

Being a freelancer seems to be easier than working for an employer in an office. In fact, it needs a huge amount of courage, hard work, and knowledge in comparison with office work. However, when all the steps are perfectly done, the result is highly satisfactory. So, keep up doing a good job, wait for the results, and never give up!