By Emily Suess

If you’re having trouble recruiting for an open position within your small business, browse this list for ideas on where to find qualified candidates.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great website built around networking, jobs, and careers. In addition to being introduced to top talent through extended networks, you can also search and view the resumes of job seekers while viewing their professional endorsements and recommendations.

2. College Job Fairs

If you’re looking for entry-level employees with specific training and an enthusiasm to enter the workforce, grab a booth at local or regional college, university, or vocational school.

3. Indeed

Indeed is a career website that aggregates job listings from numerous locations online. By posting a job opening to this site, you can get your position in front of thousands of candidates.

4. Monster

Monster is perhaps the most well-known of job seeking sites. You can list jobs as well as search candidate resumes.

5. Careerbuilder

Careerbuilder is another popular site for employers and job seekers. When posting on online job boards, remember to be as detailed as possible about the position and qualifications needed.

6. Your Company Website

Don’t forget that including a careers page on your own business website is a fantastic to way to generate resumes from candidates who are truly interested in working for your company. You can display current descriptions for open jobs as well as provide an email to accept general applications.

7. Local Classifieds

If you’re looking for a way to reach recruits that won’t break the bank, local classifieds might be the way to go. Submit to sites like Craigslist or buy ads in area newspapers.

8. Your Store Window

A sign posted in your shop window is another great way to encourage job seekers to apply. It also gives you the added advantage of meeting them before the interview. You can hand them an application and chat with them about their interest in working for your small business.

9. Trade Shows and Conferences

Industry trade shows and conferences are often attended by professionals seeking to advance their careers as well as first-time applicants. In addition to your traditional marketing fare, make sure you have employment brochures or applications for booth visitors to take with them.

10. Social Media

Even though social media sites are generally not geared specifically for careers, they can help you get the word out about job openings. Advertise that you’re hiring with popular sites like Facebook and Twitter.

11. Virtual Job Fairs

Online job fairs are increasing in popularity, particularly for companies who want to make it easier for non-local candidates to apply.

12. Crowdsourcing Sites

With sites like Elance and oDesk, you can work with freelancers on a project-by-project basis. As you work with individuals, you might discover that the people you contract with on a regular basis would make a great addition to your team. Keep an eye out for these win-win situations.

13. Military Job Fairs

Many business owners prefer to hire veterans because they acquire job-related skills and develop a disciplined work ethic.

14. Headhunters and Employment Agencies

Still having trouble finding the right employees? Consider leaving all the hard work to businesses whose sole purpose is to match job applicants with current openings.

15. From Within Your Own Company

Don’t forget that sometimes your best option is to promote from within. Consider promoting your top employees before searching for external candidates. Your current employees can also make referrals if they have colleagues who would be a good fit for a job opening.

Where do you look for candidates when you want to hire a new employee?