In today’s modern world, online businesses are booming day by day. Oppositely, several online website platforms or tools are working on the primary motive of turning the user experience into a great one, and they are nailing this move effectively. When we discuss the online tools for website creation, the first thought strike in your mind is WordPress, the most renowned name in terms of creating website, and the variety of drag and drop WordPress themes that are available.

WordPress has completed its 15+ glorious years of journey in fulfilling the requirements of several designers and other users, and offers a better customer experience. With every update, the performance of WordPress enhances. Consider the below-listed data or statistics of WordPress:

  • The report of Wordcamp clearly stated more than 70 million websites on the internet are run by WordPress.
  • As per the Search Engine Journal, over 60.2% of the content market is ruled by one of the renowned names of software platforms called WordPress.
  • Google trends report clearly says that WordPress is searched 32 million times on Google as compared to other software platforms, like Drupal (7 million searches) & Joomla (3 million searches).

All these statistics clearly show that WordPress has earned a pride of place in the IT sector and trust among consumers. The primary reason behind this popularity is the customizable property of drag and drop WordPress themes.

What So Unique About Drag and Drop WordPress Themes?

Gone are those days when one has to rely on the coders and programmers to get their website ready. With the introduction of this drag and drop feature in WordPress, creating and designing a portal becomes an easy task to do. Let’s discuss why drag and drop WordPress themes are considered as a great WordPress feature.

  • Time-Saving: Drag and drop themes can save you hours. It’s a better method than designing a theme from scratch, which takes a few months to launch, whereas the drag and drop WordPress theme would take an hour to begin. So, one can conclude that these themes are a time-saving option.
  • Low Cost: Getting your portal ready from a designer can burn your pocket, whereas the drag and drop theme has the pre-integrated page builder that provides assistance in customizing several elements of your portal. You can easily make changes by yourself without any professional help.
  • Uncomplicated: The drag and drop WordPress themes typically don’t have a complicated or complex functionality; hence it is simple to use. The ease of content and design customization in this theme makes it perfect to choose. It also saves you from several backend issues that ruin the user experience.

List of 5 Popular Drag and Drop WordPress Themes

WordPress has several themes, and choosing the ideal drag and drop theme can be a little overwhelming. Therefore, we bring you a list of 5 popular drag and drop paid WordPress themes. Check it out.

1.   Neve

Neve is known for its flexibility and design features. Yes, it offers you several options to give your site an eye-catching look. The bonus point is that Neve comes with several multipurpose started sites. It works best with different page builders. The main reason behind such eases offered by Neve is its characteristics.

Characteristics of Neve:

  • Compatible with all page builders
  • AMP ready
  • Saves you hours
  • Header and footer builder is also available
  • Custom layouts

2.   Avada

Avada is the most chosen theme in WordPress and has earned this reputed position because of its unique features. From intuitive designs to elements customization, Avada has everything to meet your needs.

Features of Avada:

  • Mobile-Display Mode: Nowadays, millions of people across the globe prefer searches on their cell phones, so it is essential to work on the appearance of the mobile version of your website. Avada theme has mobile visibility mode that assists the user to customize the portal’s mobile version and reach more audiences easily.
  • Fusion Builder: The first on our list is a fusion builder, which holds several customizable elements that allow you to add a personal touch to your site content.
  • Third-Party Tool Integration: Avada theme works excellent with third-party tools & plugins as it is supported by WooCommerce, BuddyPress & several other third-party integration tools.

3.   Hestia

Hestia is an advanced WordPress theme, highly flexible in terms of design and assists you to bring changes or customize the theme as per your needs or wants. It also provides you with the ease of arranging the layouts.

Characteristics of Hestia:

  • Ease of creating one-page layouts
  • Integrates with Jetpack
  • Responsive and customizable designs
  • Custom colors are also available

4.   Divi

Another popular paid WordPress theme on our list is Divi, which works well for distinct types of websites. Whether it is a blogging or e-commerce site, this theme is considered as the most suitable theme for creating different webpages. Divi includes several options like custom layouts, backend editor for web pages creation, and front-end editor for better visuals.

Characteristics of Divi:

  • Divi Builder: Customization with Divi has become easy, as it has the page builder that helps you to do that. This Divi builder caters to a variety of user requirements. You can easily drag, move and drop the content elements to your desired page location.
  • Supports Multiple Language: Yes, the Divi theme supports translation that makes it ideal for reaching more audiences. With the assistance of this theme, creating a website in any language becomes easy and fun.
  • Divi Theme Option: Give a personal touch by endlessly customizing your theme. From customizing the elements to adding code for further personalization, Divi offers you everything on a single platform. It also includes the SEO section that boosts the ranking in search results.

5. X

The last drag and drop theme on our list is X. X is loaded with unique features including the practice of implementing page layouts, different pre-built design options, the scope of infinite integration and a lot more. X theme based websites are easy to create with a few mouse clicks.

Characteristics of X:

  • SEO-Friendly: Yes, it is SEO-friendly. It points towards that the X theme-based portal will match the SEO standards in terms of ranking, speed and performance.
  • Customization Is Easy: With the X theme, personalization has become easy. It includes the pre-integrated page builder called Cornerstone, which offers the ease of elements customization, enabling you to add media files and several links in your post.
  • Support Multiple Languages: Just like Divi, the X theme also supports multiple languages. So, one can create a website in their desired language.

These five drag and drop paid themes provide the user with a great experience. So, you can go with any of the above you find the ideal solution for your upcoming WordPress projects.

Featured image from Divi.