By Hannah Edward

There are many benefits of decorating your office, especially when you consider how the right decorations can make your office environment more livable and productive. It has been found that employees’ efficiency hugely depends on the office environment. If you want to improve productivity — and if you want your employees to stay in your office for a long time — then you must consider decorating your office. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot to do it. Here are seven ways to decorate your office on a budget.

1. List Your Priorities

You should ask yourself what you want to decorate and how much budget you could allocate for this project. What kind of design should your office have? Are you going to use new products and equipment or you should go with used ones? There are many questions like this which will help you to come up with straight answers. Write down all of these priorities on paper. This will help you organize your budget and spend it effectively on necessary things for decorating your office.

2. Clean and Paint

It is important to perform a decoration project with a clear head and a fresh space. Painting the office can also be a good cost-effective step in your decorating plans. Paint can completely change the office atmosphere. Employees will feel that office has been renewed, refurbished and better things are going to happen now.

3. Decide What’s Necessary

You should decide which things are necessary for your office and which things are not. Those unnecessary things burden the office environment, making your office look congested and ultimately, causing an uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of unnecessary things from the office.

4. Prepare a Complete Budget

It is extremely important to buy things according to your designated budget. A lot of times, business owners spend too much at the start of the project and don’t have sufficient money for later work. So you must spend cautiously. Only buy the pieces that you really need, and look for cheaper alternatives from different sources, such as eBay and Craigslist for used items. You can also repurpose some of the materials in your office. Here is an example: you could paint or stain desks to give them a new look instead of buying new tables.

5. Get the Essentials First

Window curtains block excessive sun rays; good lighting is needed for effective work; ergonomic chairs can save your employees’ backs; tables and desks are the necessary furniture for almost all offices. When you have covered these things then there will be less work left to do. You will be relieved. If you have saved enough by shopping wisely for these elements, you could spend on additional items such as buying a new air conditioner or other office stuff. Keep in mind that the air conditioner needs to be installed, and you will need professional assistance to do so. HVAC companies can assist with air conditioner installation. You can also repurpose clipboards and clothes hangers as organizational tools and display space.

6. Sort and Declutter Before Buying

Decluttering your office space is important before purchasing new office supplies and equipment. This will save you money because you will probably find many things that you were planning to buy but no longer need because you already have items that work. It’s also a good idea will to purge paperwork, declutter and get organized before making additional purchases.

7. Use Flowers and Plants

Placing flowers and plants near to each desk will glorify the office design theme. These elements are necessary to adding beauty and aesthetics to your office. Plants such as aloe vera and the snake plant are inexpensive and preferred as indoor plants. These plants are popular for producing oxygen during the night, too. Plus, they’re small in size, taking up minimum office space.

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