We are in the era of digital marketing. Creating a presence online is a necessity to accelerate growth and increase sales. With the advancement of digital marketing, there is not a day when you don’t learn something new about how to build your brand, reach your audience, and increase revenue. And many of us simply apply everything we learn to our existing marketing strategies. Is that wise? No. Excessiveness of anything could lead to more damage than we can handle. In this article, we will cover five damaging digital marketing tactics you should avoid, and cover how they can hurt your brand. 

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an important form of communication that can be advantageous in many ways, such as:

  • Reaching a wider market and audience globally
  • Helping you find the right customers for your niche and being able to target them
  • Promoting your brand where buyers and sellers meet
  • Providing statistical analysis for further improvements
  • Providing accessibility and similarity to your customers
  • Easily segmenting and personalizing your marketing

Digital Marketing Tactics That Can Damage Your Brand

With such benefits of digital marketing, it’s a shame to not use it properly or to overuse it. Let’s discuss some of the common mistakes of digital marketing so you can avoid them.

1. Not Knowing Your Audience

When you are marketing your products, it’s important to devise the perfect strategy, find your target audience, and set goals. All these things need to be planned out simultaneously to give positive results. For example, many consumers feel annoyed when websites constantly ask for their information or get interrupted by ads on social media, without checking if these customers are even relevant to their market. Thus, before using any digital marketing technique, it is important to segment your customers according to your product need, and then target them with personalized content. 

Not having a goal set is a beginner’s mistake, and hoping to see results within the first few days an even more foolish mistake. Digital marketing is a powerful tool but it’s not a wizard; it takes time for a positive response to be seen.  

2. Promoting Your Products on Low-Quality Forums

Community forums are created where experts or users provide information regarding a product so that new customers can be assured of their choice before making a purchase. They can provide a great way to increase customer engagement and become a valuable source of information.

Many businesses use these forums as a way to market their product, and this is quite effective. But there are some major disadvantages if you promote your product on many low-quality forums. Besides the obvious no wide audience reach problem, promoting on too many low-quality platforms could also lead to a penalty from Google. This also falls under Gray-Hat and Black-Hat SEO, which is not recommended and could affect your site’s ranking. 

It is also important to find the right forum for your product and build your reputation before blatantly marketing your product, as this could affect your credibility as well. 

Link building is a powerful digital marketing tool being used by content sites today. And it must surely work as it is so popular. Reciprocal link is a type of mutual agreement between two parties where they agree to exchange links to increase their search engine rankings. But as we mentioned above, the overuse of anything is bound to get you in trouble, and thus multiple reciprocal links are not good for overall SEO and could also lead to getting a penalty from Google. It is more important to focus on the value of the content itself and its relevance with your audience, rather than worrying about site rankings. 

4. Relying Too Much on Social Media

When it comes to digital marketing, social media is calling all the shots. Then why are we saying don’t rely on it too much? Small business owners usually run their business through social media, and use every possible technique to increase customer engagement and sales. Although, this won’t work until you use it properly.

Doing too much simultaneously is bound to blow up on your face. Creating multiple accounts on multiple social media platforms is very difficult to manage and could lead to more damage than good. Thus, it is important to analyze which platform is most beneficial, where are your customers active, where are buyers available, etc, and then discard the less beneficial accounts.

It is also important to be sensitive to your audience. As social media provides a global audience, isolating or targeting a particular type could lead to bad PR and outcry. 

5. Focusing on Content Quantity Over Quality

Content marketing is a key marketing tool in today’s age. But many businesses exploit it. How? These businesses are mainly worried about the quantity of the content rather than quality. Although, this might be good for your page, it is bad for your SEO health and customer satisfaction. The main purpose of creating blog posts is to provide valuable knowledge to your customers regarding your niche, but when you are focused on the numbers, the quality goes sideways. Thus, it is important to give your content the attention it deserves without expanding your resources. 

How to Avoid Damaging Digital Marketing Tactics

Stop wasting your time on these ineffective digital marketing strategies and think about delivering results. Digital marketing is always coming up with new techniques now and then, and you have to keep up.  Some of the most common mistakes startups and small businesses make is that they try to apply all techniques together and hope something clicks. This is where things go south. It’s important to focus on the basics in the beginning, such as customer segmentation, quality content, building reputation, rather than running after the numbers.