By Disha Dinesh 

Social media marketing is an intense and hands-on job, contrary to what most people believe. Considering the increasing activity on social networks, and the necessity to be active on a bunch of them, social media marketers have their work cut out for them.

Many social media professionals struggle shuffling between software and social platforms, content creation and analysis. Chrome extensions can help them save valuable time by helping marketers improve their efficiency and enabling them to do small tasks right from their browsers. The following is a list of five top Chrome extensions for social media marketers.

1. OneTab

Ever had too many tabs open to keep track of what is on each of them? The next time you are in that situation, click on the OneTab icon in your browser. All open tabs will collapse into a running list of URLs saved in one tab. You can revisit them one at a time, or hit “Restore all” to have them all back up at once. The extension also clears up about 95% of Chrome’s space, making your web experience smoother and quicker.

Additionally, you can export the tabs list and share it with friends or import a teammate’s list to access from OneTab. The tabs are saved even after you close your browser, for you to go back to when necessary.

2. DrumUp

The next time you come across a story that you quickly want to schedule to post on your social pages, click on DrumUp’s Chrome extension. The story’s title and URL are automatically picked up by the tool. You simply need to click on “Schedule post” to set a date and time to post on your social pages. Once you have, you can customize the text, choose between a bunch of scheduling options or even save the post to a library to share at a later date.

Additionally, you can add custom images, emojis or choose from a range of GIFs stored in GIPHY to spruce up your shares. You can also create social media account groups and quickly share to them from your browser.

3. Marker

Ever need to quickly share a screen with a developer/teammate? Say you run a website optimization check and you need to share the report immediately with the developer in your company. Instead of downloading the report and emailing it to him/her, you can capture a screenshot with Marker, annotate it to pull the developer’s focus to whatever is important and quickly share the screenshot on Slack.

The tool also notes and shares the URL of the page with the image that you send, allowing the recipient to view the original source if necessary.

4. Alexa Traffic Rank

The next time you need to quickly check the authority of a website, you can click on the Alexa Traffic Rank extension to access data on sites that you are browsing. You can see the reviews written for each site, check the average loading time and site traffic information.

If you are need to verify the authority of the content you are sharing or need to assess how popular a certain website is, you can go by its Alexa rank. The extension also gives you “Related links” to explore other sites like the one you are browsing.

5. LastPass

Have you ever forgotten a password and spent several frustrating minutes trying to unlock a web service or app that you desperately need to work? You can use LastPass to safely store all your passwords and grant you access by simply navigating to any site.

Once you have created an account and signed up on LastPass, it automatically stores passwords of any site you sign into across devices. You can take advantage of this feature by creating stronger passwords to improve your security online. The only password you will need to remember is your LastPass password.