By Richard Kearsey

With the ever increasing competition in both local and international markets, it is becoming more difficult for businesses to make their brand stand out among others. Regardless of your marketing budget and the size of your business, branding can help you grab the attention of your target customers and create a personalized experience. It can help you get a competitive edge in the market by making your prospects value your brand over others. 

Many businesses fail to understand the direct relationship between branding and sales and how branding is one of the most unique ways to increase sales for your business. More often than not, customers find that for them, the pull of the brand outweighs the cost of the product or service by a particular brand.

This article will focus on some effective ways to use brand awareness marketing to increase sales for the business.

What Is Branding?

Branding is essentially how you define your business to yourself, to the business’s stakeholders, and to your customers. Branding refers to providing a unique identity to your business that is much more than merely representing your company’s name and logo. Brand identity defines what your business is all about and how it creates value for others. With a market that has grown smart enough to see through sugar-coated marketing strategies, the need for a strong and genuine brand identity is evident. 

Branding is significant in increasing sales for a business because when a brand personalizes the experience for the customers, they connect with the brand emotively. A strong brand identity increases customer loyalty which in turn increases the sales for your business.

Following are some unique ways to increase sales with the help of branding.

1. Creating Brand Identity with a Distinct Story

Creating a brand identity is very important for brand awareness marketing. Brand identity is more than just coming up with a catchy name or an appealing logo for your business. In order to have a strong branding strategy to attract customers, you should be bold with your storytelling.

Your brand story should highlight your values and mission, your customer service, and focus on creating goodwill for your business. You can use your company’s website to narrate a distinct story about your brand. Alternately, you can do so through advertising. An advertising message that is unique, different from that of your competitors advertisements, and bold can have a strong impact on the purchase decision of your prospects.

2. Finding a Niche or Hyper-Focused Audience

Most companies spend too much on showing who they are and what kind of products and services they deliver to their customers. While this is an important aspect of marketing, it is important to figure out who you are trying to sell your product to. Finding a niche or hyper-focused audience that is willing to listen to your marketing message and who is interested in buying the products that you offer makes it easier for your business to attract the audience to your sales funnel. Knowing your target market can help you design personalized strategies and use retargeting to build a strong brand image for your prospects. This can help you increase your sales substantially with fewer efforts.

3. Leveraging Consistent and Clear Messages on All Marketing Platforms

Trust is a very important factor in marketing and sales. Customers are more likely to buy a product and recommend it to others if they trust the brand. Trust is built with consistency and clarity of your marketing message. To make your brand stand out among others, your brand awareness marketing should be clear and consistent on all marketing platforms.

Whether you are using social media marketing, TV advertisements, billboards or any other type of marketing, each message should be clear and must align with other advertisements on different platforms. Your branding strategy should be able to build credibility for your business which can help in increasing sales.

For example, Nike is renowned sports brand which has a consistent tagline of “Just do it” across all marketing channels. It defines their value of confidence and determination in taking action without hesitation in sports. This has helped Nike all through the years to create a distinct brand to attract customers.

4. Using Visually-Appealing Branding Techniques

Another unique way to increase sales is to use visually appealing marketing for your brand. Colors and visuals have a great impact on how well viewers will respond to your advertisements. It helps the customers retain a unique brand image in their memory about your business. A brand design has various important components like brand color palette, fonts, logo, animation, etc.

Using the same color theme throughout your advertisements is a very effective way of helping customers remember your brand. It gives your business a unique visual identity that makes the customer recall your brand just at the mere sight of the color theme of your brand design.

5. Use of Retargeting and AdSense Auto Ads

The entire point of branding is to make your customers think about your brand at the time of making a purchase decision. Retargeting and paid ads are a great way to make your brand appear in front of your target customers again and again. Google’s AdSense Auto ad shows the marketers the right place to publish your ads online. Google algorithms and machine learning technology help in automatically placing advertisements on websites that are best for increasing awareness. This makes your online ads reach your target audience providing your business with greater ROI.

Brand positioning in the market is significant in increasing the awareness and visibility of your brand. It makes your business stand out in the competition and make it unique and memorable for your customers. Customer appeal increases when you conduct analytics of your leads’ information – it becomes easy with Salesforce integration to get insights on your buyer personas.. This helps your business in increasing sales and getting greater returns on investment. If your business is able to create a desired brand perception in the mind of your target customers, it is able to draw more customers to the sales funnel.

Featured photo credit: Depositphotos