Creating a marketing strategy for any product or business is critical for success. There are many different parts of a good strategy. First, you need to know your end goal. When you have the end in mind, you can create a direct path to get you there. Next, you need to know your audience. And lastly, you need to know which channels will best reach your audience. Sometimes this can be hard to know, especially if you’re a location-based business. With so much emphasis on social media and digital marketing nowadays, people have forgotten how effective other options are, like billboards. Here are the best reasons to add billboard advertising to your marketing strategy.

You’re Hosting an Event in a Particular City

Hosting an event in a city means that you want to sell out. By using billboards to let people know you are coming to town, they can plan accordingly. Whether you’re hosting a concert, a conference, or anything in between, using billboards to promote your event drums up excitement and interest in the event. It also reaches people who already live there and are therefore more likely to attend. Use a billboard to communicate the basic details of the event, the date, and where to get information.

You Want to Improve Brand Awareness

Brand awareness isn’t about selling a particular product. It’s more about getting in front of people so that they know you exist. Brands who leverage brand awareness know that even the most popular brands should leverage this type of advertising. It keeps your company in the front of people’s minds when they need a certain product and makes sure they will at least consider what your company is offering when they need it. Exciting billboards also give companies a unique personality that can be appealing to viewers and customers.

Get Viewers To Notice You

The best billboards stand out. If you are tired of getting lost in the crowd on social media, you can drum up more attention with a billboard ad. Additionally, newer billboards are all digital which is good news for you. One company offers only billboard advertising, and you can even check out their digital OOH examples to see what this type of campaign could look like. Getting people to notice you is a good first step in drumming up traffic for a marketing campaign. If you have a big product launch or something interesting to share, add a billboard to your marketing strategy so that viewers will notice you.

Target a Broad Demographic

Billboards target everyone who drives by. While most marketing campaigns stress reaching a niche market, using billboard advertising actually hits a broader audience. This can be beneficial especially if your product or service can help many different kinds of people. As these people start to engage with your brand, you can learn more about their habits and what is driving them to your company. You can put these ads in neighborhoods or along routes that are known to have people in your target audience on them.

Introduce a New Product

Imagine you’re Pepsi or Lay’s potato chips and you want to introduce a new flavor in a specific market. Sure, you could just send a bunch of your new products to the stores, but no one would know that it was there, and it wouldn’t have quite the same impact. Using a billboard to advertise your new chips or delicious new soda gets people curious. And when people are curious, they go looking for answers. Back in the day, they made Crystal Pepsi which was clear Pepsi. Nothing was different about it, other than it didn’t use food coloring. Billboards and commercials showed this clear drink and people wanted to try it because the messaging was everywhere.

You Want To Help People Find You

Maybe you have a business right off the interstate. Perhaps it’s a restaurant or a shop to find local wares. Using a billboard is an excellent choice because you can easily give people directions right to your location. Add something like, “Take exit 40, go right and follow it for 3 miles, we are on the left!” Be brief, but it can help people find your business right off the highway. You’d be amazed at how well a sign like this can do in the right location.Billboards are great for advertising because unlike other forms of media, they don’t seem to go out of style the same way. Whether you’re sitting at a bus stop, driving to work, or walking through a city, there is always something to communicate with a billboard. This type of advertising has even led to companies that can create car wraps so that even normal cars can become driving billboards. You’d be amazed at how a billboard can help your marketing strategy.