By Sally Smith

Most people are selling something every single day, whether it’s ideas, services or products. However, most people don’t truly know how to sell something – there’s a lot of psychology behind effective sales techniques! These seven sales tips will help you become better at selling, no matter what it is you need to push.

1. Change Your Approach Based on Personalities

Consider changing your approach based on your own personality and the personality of your client. Extroverted people do well in person, so you may want to setup a face-to-face lunch to go over everything on your list. Introverted people, on the other hand, may feel more comfortable on the phone. Adapt to the circumstance to make the client feel comfortable.

2. Adjust Your Sales Presentation Every 90 Seconds

Ninety is the average length of attention span is for some people. If you continue to drone on in the same exact way, even the most attentive listeners will eventually zone out. Re-engage listeners with a change-up, which can be a difference in your speaking pattern, a question you ask the audience, a demonstration or an interesting anecdote.

3. Repeat Your Main Point

Something that a great sales agent will do is repeat their point over and over. People don’t remember what you say the first time you say it, or even the second or third times. To really drive a point home, you have to say it multiple times. Studies have shown that people trust something they hear if it’s said at least three times.

4. Continue to Update Your Sales Approach

Professionals in changing markets, like real estate agents, have to do this order to stay relevant. Don’t just focus on the features of what you’re selling, but also talk about how your service or product will affect the lives of your customers. You’re not really selling a service or product, you’re selling the customer a better life.

5. Go Above and Beyond

Most people, even great sales people, don’t always do this, so when you do, your extra effort is sure to stand out. Even if you don’t get the sale, go overboard for the client – you never know when they’ll change their mind in the future. By being extra attentive to potential customers, you build a great reputation for yourself and increase word-of-mouth.

6. Never Stop Learning about the Art of Persuasion

Become a student of sales techniques. There are always new tactics that you can try out and tweak until it fits your personality and goals.

7. Don’t Beg

Going above and beyond for people isn’t the same as being needy and begging. When you seem desperate for the sale, people will wonder why it is that you need their business so badly and they won’t trust you.

Lastly, view each sales attempt as an experiment. Take what you’ve learned from the experience and apply it to your next sales attempt. This can be done whether the result was positive or negative. Learn from what you do and tweak your approach moving forward.