Team building is crucial to your company’s culture. Employees who don’t know how to work effectively as a team will fail. Learning how to accomplish a goal together off the clock can help team members build trust and break down communication barriers when they clock back in.

Strong teams that respect each other can collaborate and motivate each other daily. The wrong leadership can make or break a team. A strong team with the right leader can make your company the best it can be.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Aren’t scavenger hunts everyone’s favorite game? Having your team go on a scavenger hunt helps them learn how to collaborate and reach a common goal. It encourages team members to utilize their critical thinking skills and make decisions together.

The thrill of the chase is hard to resist. Sharing the accomplishment of finding the items in the scavenger hunt helps team members bond and shows them how working together to reach a common goal can feel so satisfying.

2. Escape Room

An escape room provides the same sense of togetherness as a scavenger hunt. Each team member brings something unique and helpful to the equation. Escape rooms can highlight each team member’s ability to work through the questions and clues to contribute to the group’s success.

Escape rooms enhance the leadership abilities of all participants. Everyone must work together to get out of the room, so this is a teamwork promotion activity that can result in a shared, glorified victory for all participants.

3. Take a Hike

Hiking is an excellent way to build team morale. Did you know that most locations in the U.S. are only a two-hour drive away from a national park or state park? Hiking and backpacking are such fun ways to get outdoors and get some exercise and fresh air. By hiking as a team, you can encourage team members to get to know one another better.

They will be enduring physical activity that can develop trust in individuals that might help them get acquainted with one another better. Some examples are helping each other overcome hurdles throughout the day or offering a hand while climbing over rocks.

Those who sweat together, stay together! Getting outdoors is a terrific way for your team to get out of the office together and relieve some stress.

4. Game Day

Host a day full of games for your work team. Games are competitive and such a fun way to get everyone involved and on board. If you have team members who are new to your team, games are an excellent way to welcome them aboard. They can be used as icebreakers for newbies, so they don’t feel shy and are more likely to open up to their new teammates and showcase their talents.

Summer is the perfect time to have a game day, so your team can enjoy the warm weather and soak up some sun while they share in team spirit. The best games for teams are potato sack or relay races, soccer or kickball games, and tug of war. These games are played best in an open field or park.

5. Capture the Flag

Capture the flag should be included as a game day activity. It’s an oldie and a goodie that should be on everyone’s list for team-building opportunities. However, capture the flag is much longer than average games.

Your workers are divided into two teams. The flags are hidden within each team’s zone. There are two jails for people getting tagged in the other team’s territory. All you have to do is steal the other team’s flag and bring it back to your side for your team to win. Capture the flag builds character and promotes efficient teamwork.

6. Fun in the Sun

Invite your team to throw a picnic together and turn it into a potluck. Have everyone bring a dish they can share with everyone. Crafting something to share with others is an idea that highlights each team member’s personal preferences and gives insight into their personalities.

Rent a boat or have a picnic near a body of water. You could always use a pool if you aren’t located near a beach or lake. Have some water activities that promote team building, like beach volleyball or a beach ball relay. You could even set up an obstacle course using lawn chairs, coolers, and beach towels. Whoever finishes the course first wins!


Interactive team-building activities are vitally important to your business’s success. If you have a unified team that supports and encourages each other, you will outperform your competition every single time.

Bonds formed within the workplace are more vital than ever. Get your team to engage with each other and form those bonds with these team-building activities ASAP.