Side hustles are jobs that you take up after your day job in order to earn additional income. If you choose to work online, marketing is an excellent area to establish a side hustle. 

As a critical function in any business, marketing enables companies to inform customers about their service or product offerings and their value. It’s through marketing that companies develop a brand identity and position themselves in the market. 

As more businesses embrace digital marketing, demand for skills in the field is on the rise. This presents a massive opportunity for seasoned marketers to turn their skills into lucrative side hustles. 

If you’re wondering which marketing skills can easily convert into a side job, here are six you can choose from: 

Editing Or Proofreading 

Beyond blog posts, most businesses develop other content assets like e-books, reports, and white papers. You can leverage your writing skills by becoming a part-time proofreader or editor. The most effective way to do this is to search and apply for work from home proofreader jobs in your niche or any industry. 

Proofreading is a great skill to turn into a side hustle because you don’t have to invest in costly tools or special training to do the job. Consider it if you have a good command of the English language, are creative, enjoy reading, and can spot errors in any text you read. 

Article Or Blog Writing 

In a world where businesses are constantly working to drive organic traffic to their websites and position themselves as leaders in their industry, search engine optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of content marketing. The primary strategy that companies use to achieve this is publishing high-quality content online. 

If you have article or blog writing skills, you can turn them into a side hustle by pitching your services to companies. The thing is, most companies know the value of having blogs and want to publish content that’s relevant to their target audience, but it’s not always easy for them to accomplish that. Numerous companies go for months without updating their blogs because they lack either the time or the in-house talent they need to create content regularly. 

To start a blog writing side hustle, search for companies whose blogs haven’t been updated in a while and offer to manage those for them. Negotiate for a retainer contract to create and publish blog content on a regular basis by working a specified number of hours each month. 

Infographic Design 

Visual content appeals to customers and companies alike because it’s easy to consume and share. Infographics are highly effective in summarizing information and communicating it in a straightforward and interesting way. 

If you have a marketing mind and are adept at infographic design, you can use those characteristics to take on a side hustle that pays well. To ensure that you stay ahead of the competition and be able to charge high fees, focus on developing infographic ideas that align well with your client’s brand and take their budget into account. 


Another marketing skill you can use to supplement your income is copywriting. Whether they’re for printed materials or digital adverts, compelling copies boost visitor engagement and increase conversion rates for businesses. Enterprises strive to create great websites, marketing campaigns, and ads to enjoy those benefits. However, they’re often faced with the challenge of crafting copies that grab the attention of their target audience. 

To address that gap, companies look for talented copywriters to create everything from ad copies to product descriptions to email marketing content to make their services or products stand out online. Even businesses that have brick-and-mortar stores have a strong web presence these days, so copywriters are always in high demand. 

This presents an excellent opportunity for copywriters to land a side job. If you have copywriting skills, start pitching to different companies. A perfect way to identify potential customers is to look at their websites and inform them of what you’d change in their website copies. If you’re effective at demonstrating the value your marketing skills would bring to businesses, copywriting can pay huge rewards. 

Content Promotion  

Promoting online content is the other marketing skill you can convert into a side hustle, particularly if you have your own blog. If you provide blog writing services, you can earn more by offering content promotion services to your clients and provide them with excellent results. 

To do that, you’ll need to set up a blog in your niche and build it over several months to create a solid following. Once you’ve established a readership base of your own, use the blog to promote your clients’ content to a larger audience. This results in higher-paying contracts from customers because your service offerings don’t end with developing content—you promote it, too. 

If you don’t own a blog, you can instead help businesses find strategic ways to promote their blogs, articles, and social media posts. For instance, you can provide your clients with service bundles that include writing articles and promoting them via platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Google Analytics Skills 

When you’re in marketing, you understand the critical role that analytics play in guiding marketing decisions that most businesses don’t. Google Analytics is one of the platforms that companies use to capture behavioral data about their target audience. However, not many enterprises know how it works. If you’re a skilled marketer and can explain and set Google Analytics up for businesses, you’ll be opening new opportunities for them. 

You can turn your Google Analytics skills into a side hustle by charging companies a one-time setup fee. If they need continuous maintenance, go ahead and charge them on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the project’s duration. 

Final Thoughts 

If you have a marketing skill, you can create an additional income stream by establishing a side hustle. The internet makes this a whole lot easier by allowing you to work from any location. As most businesses focus on ensuring that customers can find them online, use the six marketing skills discussed above to your advantage so you can help companies reach their goals and, at the same time, earn money from your expertise.