By Michael Lundberg

For any telemarketer, apart from making a sales call, one factor that determines it’s success is the post-sales call analysis. After making a call you must analyze and understand the information you have gathered and store it for future follow ups. Below are five things you must do once you end your client call.

Record Notes

Yes, most important for any and every telemarketer is to record notes from each call with the details shared while conversing with your existing or potential clients. You can make this much easier by pre-writing the pointers like challenges, concerns, feedback, contact information, industry type, name, position, company name, attitude towards your sales pitch. While noting points you can include things like whether it is a workable lead, or any resources or support required from team or management.

Re-Connect with Them

Once you are done with the sales call, make sure you re-connect with your prospects and customers, in the context of the conversation you had. This helps you to start or maintain a good relationship with your customers and also ensures that you and your client are on the same page of conversation, and the expectation is clear. You can reconnect with them in various ways, like sending them an email message mentioning what you spoke about.  You can add them (in non-invasive manner) to your LinkedIn network, or follow-up on Facebook, give a shout out on Twitter. The more you connect with them on other B2B marketing channels, it opens more channels to do business.

Analyze & Create a Strategy

Don’t ever miss business opportunities due to lack of planning and strategizing. After very call try to analyze the things you have noted, what resources you will need, any approval, or something and try to plan how you would take this sales conversational relationship in future… like would you like to set up an appointment or other future follow-up calls. Make a plan, prepare a strategy, and provide answers to questions that have asked.

Refine Your Marketing Skills and Strategies

From any kind of experience you learn something, right? Be it bad or good, every experience is to be considered as a learning experience. Same applies to every telemarketer after making a sales call; it helps them to develop and excel their sales technique and expertise, too. Make a note of every experience, well good, bad and ugly all, things which has worked and which has not. Share your learning and experiences with your team and colleagues, as this helps them to formulate future strategies accordingly.

Brew the Best While You Rest

The last but possibly most important part of sales calls is to take a break from an aggressive telemarketing drive. Sit back take a cup of coffee, and let the marketing strategy brew. A shot caffeine will stimulate your brainy neurons to think a fresh perspective to approach clients on call or start a fresh sales call.