Storage trailers are primarily used at loading docks or commercial warehouse lots and can be great options for businesses that need extra space for storage or other purposes. Typically 45 to 48 feet long, they can be ground level or on wheels for easy storage, loading and unloading. With overhead or swing doors for easy access to the trailer, and a wider size compared to storage containers, storage trailers are perfect for keeping large equipment, large quantities of products, or pallets.

Other benefits to storage trailers are they are strong against wind and weather, keeping your items secure and protected from the elements. Plus, they can be locked and secured, making them a reliable way to keep your valuables safe.

Because trailers can be easily organized and modified to suit your storage needs, and because they come in a variety of sizes, you’re sure to find a solution that works for you. While virtually all types of businesses can benefit from renting or buying a storage trailer, here are our top five.

1. Construction/Contractors

Construction businesses and contractors are one of the top businesses that can benefit from renting or buying a storage trailer. These trailers can be used to store everything from construction equipment to tools to files.

While storage trailers aren’t registered for transport with material inside, the trailer can be moved from site to site as your storage needs change. This makes it easy to have access to your equipment wherever you go. It also prevents employees from having to travel back and forth to a storage unit or facility, which saves you time and money.

Finally, you can use a storage trailer to create a mobile office, adding tables and chairs, shelving and filing cabinets, electric panels, heating and cooling units, and more, giving you and your team a quiet spot to meet and discuss projects right on site.

2. Lawn Care/Landscaping

If you have a lawn care or landscaping business, you likely have a need for quality storage to protect your equipment and tools from weather and intruders. You may need to store your equipment year-round, especially when it’s not being used in the winter. Storage trailers make storing, loading, and unloading equipment and tools easy. They are especially great for landscapers with small businesses who may be working out of their homes or a small office without significant storage space.  

3. Restaurant/Catering

Restaurants and catering companies could use storage trailers for a variety of reasons. For example, trailers are great for storing extra tables, chairs, kitchen supplies, seasonal items or decorations, and more. Having a storage trailer on-site keeps these items from crowding your restaurant or back of house, leaving more room for diners or your kitchen staff. These items can be easily organized and accessed, so it’s not a hassle for staff to get them when needed.

Storage trailers can also be used to house DJ equipment, decorations, uniforms, or other catering supplies that are only needed during events.

Trailers can serve as dry storage for certain food or other supplies depending on modifications you can make.

4. Professional Businesses/Offices

If your office or building is going through a renovation or expansion, an on-site storage trailer can be a great short-term solution for needs. You can store documents, office supplies, office equipment, or other products in a secure location, keeping it organized with shelving or other trailer modifications. A storage trailer can even serve as a temporary office for training, special projects, during renovations, or other office space needs.

5. Retail

Retail businesses often need storage for products that need to be on hand but not on the floor, and a trailer can be a solution. Keep your back stockroom tidy and organized by putting seasonal products or other items that aren’t currently needed in the trailer. Keeping the trailer on site gives your employees easy access to the products when they are needed.

Renting or buying a storage trailer can also be beneficial for businesses that sell products online. The trailer can keep your office space or home office clear and accessible while also providing a secure, protected location for your products.

In Conclusion

Virtually all businesses can benefit from buying or renting a storage trailer. Trailers are easy to maintain, lockable, durable, and cost-effective. You can keep your trailer on your property for fast access to any number of stored materials. Your trailer can be designed for various uses and can even act as a temporary or permanent office space. Consult with a storage expert in your area to identify the best trailer for your specific commercial storage needs. They are available in a range of sizes. A storage trailer is an investment in peace of mind as well as significant time savings for your business.