By Majid Nasirinejad

By the growth of population in different parts of the world, the space for living and working is limited; so people look for designing their workplaces. Depending on the type of office, a variety of measures can be done.

For example, technology and startup companies or workplaces prefer to decorate their space in a more energetic and happy atmosphere. There are three important ways that can be used to make a small office more attractive and transfer a good feeling of calmness while working in such a small space.

Choose the Right Furniture

A great factor which is important in designing a small office is furniture.  Workplace decoration should be modern and fancy instead of being old-fashioned dark wooden desks and closets. Generally, two types of furniture should be considered in a small office:

  • Funky furniture: using cobalt blue lamps and patterned curtains gives your office a futuristic view to have an informal and friendly atmosphere.
  • Unique furniture: find some parts of furniture which have a connection with your brand, statement, job or plan.

In addition, some special parts of furniture are needed to save the place:

  • Compact and corner computer desks: as computer desks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, you should select the most suitable ones depending on your space
  • Multi-purpose shelves: in order to avoid a lot of shelves around the office, it is recommended to use a multi-purpose one.
  • Ergonomic desk chairs: they let you save space by sorting them in a way which is more efficient.

In conclusion, selecting modern and small pieces of furniture can help you decorate your office in an attractive way.

Provide Perks to Employees

A productive office needs to have the comfort provided at home. Therefore, providing some facilities is important because the surrounding is important in the emotion of people and promotes efficiency. Some of these facilities are not only up-to-date magazines on the tables, but an office coffee machine, tea, Internet, solving puzzles and doing Sudoku. There are some decoration ideas to make a small office more attractive and efficient:

  • Providing healthy snacks: when healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts and bottled water are provided at work, appropriate calories are used and there is no tiresome.
  • Free coffee and tea: some people prefer to drink something warm during their working hours to make them energetic and fresh; so a coffee or tea maker can be put at a table for a short break in the middle of the day.
  • Training courses: in order to update your team’s knowledge, holding development programs can be a kind of motivation when they are free or have a cheaper price.
  • Pet friendly environment: these days most people have a pet and it is wise to prepare a place for their pets or let them bring their pets to the office when all teammates agree.
  • Informal dress code: it is preferable to have informal clothes at work or at least let your staff wear their casual clothes once a week.

Use Living Plants to Decorate

Many researches from a small college to NASA show that live plants are improving air quality, removing toxic from the environment and bringing more energy to your workplace. But you need at least 5-7 good size plants to consider their benefits. Keeping these healthy plants is not easy and is time consuming but there are office plant care service providers, that will guarantee the plants life and give you more details regarding the selection and protection of the most suitable plant based on your space and location.

The office is a place for working which can be fresh and energetic by keeping some small plants there because they are lively and work as air purification. In addition, big plants can be used for separating different parts of the workplace to make a relaxation area during the day to relieve stress. When small plants which can be kept indoors are considered, some of them are mentioned below because they are easier to move and protect but selecting the best plant depending on your environment is very important.

  • Jade or Crassula Ovata Plant: it is a small plant with small flowers which needs low water.
  • Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum: it is suitable for workplaces with less light and cleans the air.
  • Philodendrons: it is a large climber which shows a small area taller. It also does not need a lot of care.
  • Cactus: it is small with a variety of species which needs a lot of sunlight and less water.
  • Spider plant or Chlorophytum Comosum: it is an easy plant to grow and brings a nice view if it is kept in a hanging basket.
  • Aloe Plant: it is small and can be kept at the desk. It also works as air purification at a small office.

Generally, there are different factors which are needed to make a small office more attractive. The most important ones are colors, air conditioning, plants, furniture and perks that are known as motivations for staff to work and have a better design and workplace.